How To Make A Baby

By this time, you figure that you should know all about the birds and the bees, so you’re embarrassed that you still wonder about a whole bunch of things connected to the conception process. But sitting there, shivering in your paper gown isn’t really conducive to uttering those questions. You’re just too shy to ask the doctor, so we did it for you.

Sexual Positions

You may be wondering if there’s an optimum position for having conception sex. The good news is that it doesn’t much matter, sperm are persistent and will swim toward the cervix no matter where the starting gate may be located, but the missionary position is the one that deposits the sperm closest to your cervix if you’re aiming for a jump-start. If you’re worried that sperm will leak out if you prefer the woman on top position, rest assured that semen starts out thick as it is ejaculated, becoming liquefied as time goes by. Since it starts out thick, there is time for the sperm to begin their journey to the cervix, before any leakage should occur.

Curvy Women

If you’re more of a Twiggy than a Raquel Welch type, you may wonder if you’re less fertile: are curvy women more fertile? One recent study, cited by Randy Morris, M.D., associate clinical professor of reproductive endocrinology at Chicago’s University of Illinois School of Medicine, determined that large-breasted women with slim waists have the highest levels of estrogen and progesterone during menstruation. However, no one has yet examined whether the pregnancy rates of such women are any higher than those of women who are small-breasted. Perhaps it’s good to keep in mind that you have no control over your body type, but you can increase your fertility by eating right, exercising, and avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.

Can’t Hurt

If you sometimes have trouble climaxing, you may be wondering: Does having an orgasm make it easier to become pregnant? There are experts who believe that the contractions of the uterus during orgasm create a type of vacuum and help suck the sperm upward toward the cervix. However, no one has yet proven that orgasm makes any difference at all in conception rates. The upshot: it may help to have an orgasm, but not having one probably doesn’t hurt.

Leaking Fluid

Something you’ve been wondering about is the fluid that leaks out after sex. Are you losing too much sperm? What should you do to stop this leakage? When your lover ejaculates, the seminal fluid begins to liquefy. That causes the leaking. But your body has no use for this fluid so there’s nothing to worry about. Most of the sperm remains in your vagina, because there’s a backward slope to the vagina.

It’s good to remember that sperm are very quick to do their job. They can hie it over to your fallopian tubes within 10 minutes, maximum. Some doctors do suggest that lying on your back supported by a pillow under the hips for about 20 minutes after sex may be helpful. In other words, it doesn’t do any harm, and who knows? It may just help. But standing on your head is out. That’s just plain dumb.

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