Selecting the Right Gynecologist

Most women find the selection of a gynecologist to be a difficult process. This is a doctor that will deal with their more personal issues, and it is important that the woman feel comfortable with her selection.  They may answer questions about infertility, cancer, STDs, and more.  So, what is the best way to go about selecting the right gynecologist? Here are some important considerations to have in mind as you set out on your journey for a great doctor.


Certainly, you should pay attention to the doctor’s location. When finding a gynecologist, you’ll want a doctor who isn’t too far from you. Think about the doctor’s distance from both your home and your work locations. If you work 45 minutes from home and can find a doctor near your office, this might work for you as well. You can schedule your appointments during your lunch breaks and get everything done conveniently.

Number of Doctors

Most practices have a number of doctors who work together. And most of the time, while you can certainly see your own doctor, you might have to see the others as well. This is particularly true if you are expecting a baby. Often times, you’ll see your own doctor through all of your check-ups, but then you’ll have the doctor who happens to be on call from the practice that night delivering you. Therefore, meet everyone in the practice – not just your own doctor – and make sure that you like them as a whole. Find out from other patients in the practice if the doctors seem to work well together and if they have the same medical philosophy.


Find out how available your doctor, and the practice in general, is. What do you do in the off-hours if you need to speak to someone? Which hospital do they send you to in case of an emergency? Speak with others who have had to deal with off-hours and emergencies with this practice and make sure that you are comfortable with the way that they deal with these issues. If you have a problem, are you able to speak to a doctor in a legitimate amount of time?

Bedside Manner

Of course, you’ll want to be comfortable with the doctor’s bedside manner. Does she look at her charts all the time and rush through your visit? Or does she really try to connect and to get to know you a little bit? Are the other patients happy with their service?

It’s important to remember that this will be YOUR doctor. You need to be comfortable with the choices that you make and with your selection. At the same time – nothing is set in stone. If you decide that you don’t like the doctor that you’ve started seeing, then you can switch to a different doctor. Good luck in your search!

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