Pregnancy Centers – A Valuable Resource

If you, or someone you know, are pregnant, it’s very important to understand what pregnancy centers can do to assist you.  There are pregnancy centers in virtually every city in America, staffed by trained, caring and attentive people who are ready to help.  Most of these centers offer free guidance and tests, allowing you to enjoy confidential help that you can afford.

Basic Services

Most pregnancy centers offer various sorts of assistance with issues of pregnancy.  They have free pregnancy tests that allow you to know quickly if you are expecting.  Many also test for STDs and offer counseling should you find that you have a sexually transmitted disease.  They often have some limited medical services including ultrasounds, first and second trimester prenatal care for uninsured individuals, and information on pregnancy options.  They will offer confidential counseling to help you to weigh your options including abortion, adoption, and childbirth.

More Detailed Services

Once you have made an initial decision about your pregnancy, many pregnancy centers offer even more specific services to help you.  They have confidential counseling that can help you to deal with an abortion, or to help you through your pregnancy.  They can assist you with information about how best to continue your education and how to look for a job with a new baby.  Some pregnancy centers offer group counseling as well, either as post-abortion recovery or as new-mother groups to help you to work through issues and difficulties.  Many pregnancy centers will help a pregnant woman or new mom with baby and maternity clothes, and with nursery furniture and strollers.  You’ll find childbirth classes offered by some of these institutions as well.

No Judgment

One of the best aspects of a pregnancy center is that they are not judgmental. Their job is to help you to make an incredibly difficult decision, in an informed manner.  They want you to base your decision on information, and not on outside pressures, financial fears, and your own worries.  They counsel women in a loving, supportive way and offer assistance under any situation.  Once you’ve made a decision for yourself, they are available to help you emotionally and physically with that choice.  Whether that means that you need assistance in finding daycare, in finding an adoption agency, or in dealing with an abortion, they offer the services to help you with your choice.

Find out more about pregnancy centers near you and take the first step to get help.  You’ll be amazed by how much these centers have to offer, and by how much better you feel with someone on your side to help you during this difficult time in your life.

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