Health problems and disease can be a scary experience. Find the information you need at our in-depth health section. Learn about the signs and symptoms of diabetes, as well as about treatment. And read an article about the latest research regarding cancer and vitamin D.

Smoking has been linked to the development of many health complications including heart disease and cancer. Learn about the potential benefits of acupuncture for individuals who are looking to kick the habit and quit smoking for good.

Worried about heart disease? Learn about what factors increase your chance of cardiovascular disease. High levels of bad cholesterol can lead to heart attack and stroke. Hypertension is a form of heart disease that can lead to serious problems, including damage to the internal organs. Emotional well-being and physical health are closely related. Learn about a heart condition which most commonly occurs in women faced with sudden stress known as Broken Heart Syndrome.

Age-related weight gain can be hard to battle, but not so with our easy-to-follow tips. Gastric bypass surgery is becoming a popular surgery for obese women; but what are the risks involved and are the benefits really worth it?

Hypothyroidism can slow down your metabolism and also lead to depression and memory loss. Have abdominal cramps and bloating? Experiencing diarrhea? You might have irritable bowel syndrome. And though it’s associated with puberty, acne can affect adult women. Learn about acne treatments here.

You can do a lot for your health through prevention. That means avoiding things that you know will cause health problems – like smoking. Visit our Facts About Smoking page to see some statistics about smoking worldwide. If that’s not enough to convince you how bad for your health smoking can be, visit our Reasons to Quit Smoking and What’s in a Cigarette pages to get acquainted with the gory details. But all is not lost – everyone has the ability to quit smoking if the desire is strong enough, and your health greatly improves when you do. Go to What Happens When You Stop Smoking to find out about the instantaneous and gradual ways your body heals itself after you quit smoking. For help on how to make your attempt to quit successful, Quit Smoking can help.

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