Lifestyle Alternatives to Plastic Surgery

The many dangers of plastic surgery procedures are enough to deter some individuals from undergoing cosmetic surgeries in order to obtain the appearance of healthy aging. However, many still search for an anti aging beauty routine that can help minimize the signs of aging without having to go under the knife. Aside from anti aging products and non surgical cosmetic alternatives, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding certain factors that are sure to advance the aging process can play an important role in healthy aging.

What Causes Aging?

Minimizing the signs of aging means taking care of the body from the inside out. In fact, researchers have shown that much of what causes the external signs of aging is internal in nature. The two main causes of aging are believed to be a result of the following:

  • decline in vital biological function: organs in the body naturally become less active and hormone production levels begin to decline. This in turn affects the ability of the body to repair and regulate itself, affecting metabolism, libido, bone strength, mobility and immune system functioning
  • oxidative stress: this refers to the aging process in which free radicals attack and destroy the structures of cells within the body. This can include the deterioration of organs as well as visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and age spots on the skin

Aging and Lifestyle

An important part of an anti aging beauty routine is to become aware of some of the factors that may contribute to the process of aging. Some of the top factors that contribute to the appearance of aging skin include the following:

  • Smoking: smoking is not only harmful to your health and increases your risk of developing certain health conditions, it is also linked with increased signs of aging specifically, with increased wrinkles and dry skin. Smoking cigarettes also diminishes vitamin C levels in the body that help maintain the skin’s moisture
  • Sun Exposure: sun exposure can give skin a dry and leathery appearance and turn freckles into brown sun spots. In addition, sun exposure can significantly increase the risk of developing skin cancer
  • Exercise: getting too little exercise can contribute to the process of aging since exercise helps tone muscles, increase blood circulation and increase energy levels
  • Alcohol Consumption: alcohol consumption can not only harm your internal organs, it also dilates small blood vessels in the skin that may become permanently damaged in the future and create a flushed appearance
  • Mood and Stress: stress and anger can have long term effects on health and contribute to wrinkles as well as frown lines on the face
  • Sleep Deprivation: a lack of sleep reduces energy levels, giving an overall appearance of tiredness, and contributes to dark circles under the eyes while causing sagging skin
  • Poor Diet: a poor diet can significantly affect your appearance as well as overall health. For instance, sugar is considered inflammatory and can lead unhealthy weight gain

Lifestyle Tips: Aging with Grace

Aging with grace can be as simple as ensuring your health and happiness on a daily basis without the need for dangerous and expensive plastic surgery procedures. Consider the following lifestyle tips to help the healthy aging process:

  • reward your body as well as your mind with massages, music and relaxing fragrances
  • exercise to strengthen your muscles, lift your spirits and improve energy levels as well as your self esteem
  • eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and omega 3 to help your skin glowing, and incorporate protein to help build muscles
  • drink plenty of fluids to moisten the skin and flush out toxins
  • take nutritional supplements to ensure that you receive healthy levels of essential nutrients
  • get adequate sleep to repair cell damage and provide mental relaxation
  • keep the skin clean and wear sunscreen to avoid premature wrinkles
  • remove stress and anger in your life; this will lift your spirits, improve your appearance and help you live longer
  • get passionate and creative about your life whether in your family, career or other areas that will bring you joy
  • offer to volunteer your services and help others
  • make sure to get thirty minutes of sunshine (whether direct or indirect) each day
  • listen to your body as this will help determine your needs as well as identify any health concerns early on

Whatever you decide, ensure that any lifestyle changes are gradual when necessary. One of the key ingredients to aging with grace is ensuring mental and spiritual health, as any unnecessary stress only contributes to the process of aging.

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