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Forward Head Posture Fix Program Reviewed: Does It Truly Fix Your Bad Posture?

Have you seen those people who look like a prawn in their office chair? Are you one of them? As a fitness expert, I have ...

by Jessica Bennet

Forward Head Posture Fix Program Reviewed: Does It Truly Fix Your Bad Posture?

Have you seen those people who look like a prawn in their office chair? Are you one of them? As a fitness expert, I have always been aware of the importance of a good posture and used to make a conscious effort to maintain it up until a point. Then, I’m not sure when, I developed a text neck, thanks to my cellphone addiction.

Fortunately, I noticed it before it was too late and was able to fix it, although with a lot of effort. Later on, I started noticing more people with the same issue and some were way worse than others. The thing that surprised me was many of them were my clients and were extremely focused on their physical fitness. So, what was it that I was doing wrong? 

The next time I was surprised was when one of these clients introduced me to this program when I asked him what he did to fix his posture this fast. For a moment, I thought that he was faking his issues and he didn’t have a posture problem. Turns out, he has been practicing a set of posture-fixing exercises that resolved the issue within a few days. He has been following the routine still, hoping to get lasting results.

That’s when I thought I should totally do a Forward Head Posture Fix review as soon as possible because I was curious to know what they were doing differently.  

Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews: All About Mike Westerdal’s Exercise Program!

I analyzed the Forward Head Posture Fix program from beginning to end and got answers to all my questions. Apparently, everything lies in the sequential flow of the movements as much as it is in the movements.

I followed all ten movements for a week, talked to my clients who have bought the program, and read other Forward Head Posture Fix reviews to collect as much information as I could. This program is not just a set of mobility and stretching exercises, but there is more to it. You will learn about all that in a while, so keep reading it and find out whether this is the solution you were looking for.  

Forward Head Posture Fix Review
Program NameForward Head Posture Fix
CategoryExercise program
FormatDigital format ( DVD And Manual)
CreatorsMike Westerdal and Rick Kaselj MS
PurposeTo correct forward head posture and alleviate related health issues
ComponentsDiagnostic methods, exercise routines, stretching routines, posture tips
BenefitsFixs head posture
Strengthens muscles
Boosts mental health and cognitive skills
Relieves stress and improves sleep
Duration15 minutes a day
Price9 USD
BonusesLower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit (Video)
10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions (Guide)
AccessOnline program, accessible via their website
RefundFor 60 days
Target AudienceIndividuals experiencing forward head posture or related discomfort
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is Forward Head Posture Fix?

Forward Head Posture Fix is an exercise program created to fix your posture by focusing on the sequential flow of movements. It is a 15-minute routine that includes 10 exercises, each takes around a minute and a half to complete. The routine is meant to straighten the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck that is responsible for keeping your posture upright.

This is a digital program that is accessible on any electronic device. A Forward Head Posture Fix package includes a DVD in which the program is available in video format and a manual that has written descriptions about the program. The video includes all the movements and explanations of each of them by the creator. It is split into three sections and each section has a specific purpose.

On the other hand, the Forward Head Posture Fix Manual has useful information about the causes of your bad posture and how it affects your overall health. It also talks about the consequences of leaving this issue untreated in the long term. The manual also explains each movement with written descriptions and pictures, making the experience more lively. Do you want to check how the whole program works now?  

How Does Forward Head Posture Fix Work?

As I mentioned before, the video part of the Forward Head Posture Fix exercise program is in three sections. The first one is the author demonstrating each step in detail, explaining how to target specific muscles with each movement. The second section includes all the movements once again without explanations so that you can follow along with the routine. The third section is meant to help you advance the movements or to make it easier as you find convenient. 

If you follow the Forward Head Posture Fix instructions clearly and practice the movements the way it is supposed to be executed and in the right posture, it will work to set the targeted muscles right in no time. First, it will focus on the muscle that lifts, the sternocleidomastoid muscle. Next, it will also strengthen the muscles in your neck, shoulder, and chest depending on your consistency, health status, and a few other factors.

Setting these muscles right will reflect on your overall health as well. Along with a better posture, you will experience increased levels of energy, physical strength, mental strength, and improved quality of sleep. These will help relieve pain in the neck, shoulder, and back, alleviate breathing problems, and fight against accelerated aging. How about we check each of these Forward Head Posture Fix benefits and learn about them in a little more detail?  

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Benefits And Key Factors Of Forward Head Posture Fix

There are different ways you would benefit from the Forward Head Posture Fix spinal alignment program. Some of those are: 

☑️Better posture: Fixing your posture is the primary function of this whole program. The movements designed to target the sternocleidomastoid muscle strengthen it while restoring balance. Adjusting this muscle significantly improves your text neck, and head posture, and the pain caused by a bad posture. 

☑️Improved physical strength: Religiously practicing the Forward Head Posture Fix routine on a daily basis doesn’t just better your posture but like any other exercise routine, strengthens your muscles as well. You will have increased energy levels and this physical strength will reflect on your confidence levels, making you feel more comfortable in your body.  

☑️Sharper intelligence: Along with fixing you and making you stronger physically, the Forward Head Posture Fix program also contributes to your mental health and cognitive skills. You will be able to think more clearly, make better decisions, deal with problems more creatively, and form innovative ideas like never before. 

☑️Better sleep: If you didn’t know it yet, bad posture often meddles with sleep, resulting in insomnia. These exercises relieve stress and fix your circadian rhythm, helping you sleep better at night. 

Forward Head Posture Fix workout program also has beneficial effects on your overall health as it alleviates difficulty breathing, slows down aging, and more importantly, relieves pain in your neck and shoulders. 

How To Use The Forward Head Posture Fix Program?

The entire program takes only 15 minutes a day and brings results in as little as two days. You can follow the instructions either by watching the Forward Head Posture Fix video or from the manual and practice the movements in the right sequence as directed. Also, remember to maintain the right posture while doing these exercises to reap maximum benefits.

Forward Head Posture Fix DVD And Manual

Although there isn’t a specified time to practice the Forward Head Posture Fix exercises, I would recommend doing them in the morning rather than any other time of the day. This way the impact of these movements will last throughout the day, filling you with a newfound energy that will be reflected in your work and chores. 

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What Is Included In The Forward Head Posture Fix Program?

Forward Head Posture Fix 15-minute routine consists of a set of movements in the following order.

  • Muscle re-education drills: These movements are meant to teach your neck muscles to do their job of holding your head upright in the right way. The muscles that are currently out of balance will be realigned and will be stronger than ever.
  • Breathing exercises: The deep breathing exercises explained in the Forward Head Posture Fix program clear your lungs and relax your muscles, keeping your body calm. They relieve tension in the shoulders, neck, and back as part of restoring the balance of the whole body.  
  • Mobility exercises: Knots in the joints of the vertebral column are a direct result of the text neck. Mobility exercises relieve stress and reduce joint pain by unwinding these knots.   
  • Deep cervical flexor training: As a result of thrusting your head forward for a long period, the vertebral flexors in the neck go weak. This makes the neck to drop even more, causing permanent damage. Re-training the cervical flexors is the only solution to this problem and that is exactly what these movements will do. 
  • Self-massage: This massaging technique in the Forward Head Posture Fix system is designed to relieve the built-up tension and trigger points in your spinal cord. It loosens and lengthens the muscles that have shrunk, due to inactivity and incorrect posture. 
  • Static stretching: This set of movements also targets shortened muscles. Like every other movement, it is important to maintain the right posture while practicing these stretches as they will be highly effective in lengthening and shortening those muscles if done properly. 
  • Postural strengthening: The final movements focus on maintaining the posture that we have restored by doing the rest of the exercises in the Forward Head Posture Fix routine.  

I’ll remind you again, always make sure to follow these movements in the exact sequence mentioned as the results lie in that as much as they do in the position and time of doing them. 

Forward Head Posture Fix Side Effects

Practicing a set of low-impact movements for 15 minutes a day shouldn’t cause you any harm, as long as done properly. However, if not followed in the right way, it might have certain adverse effects contrary to what you would expect. My research hasn’t revealed any severe side effects from practicing the Forward Head Posture Fix workouts daily, nor have the customers reported anything, but it wouldn’t hurt to be a little cautious with whatever concerns your health.

Remember, if you have difficulty moving your upper body due to any other reasons like surgery, do not start with the program right away, but ask your doctor whether you are healthy enough to follow the workouts in the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

Forward Head Posture Fix Customer Reviews

There were of course customers who hadn’t received the expected results but the majority had the best experience with the program. A lot of them have recovered from pain, breathing problems, lack of sleep, and the most important of them all, bad posture in a matter of weeks. Read these excerpts I collected from the Forward Head Posture Fix reviews I read online. 

“I literally had a hunchback due to sitting in front of the computer for years. I left it as it was until it was too late. I’ll admit, I was lucky enough to hear about this program, or my condition would have been permanent and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything about it.  Forward Head Posture Fix fixed it for me and I couldn’t be more grateful to whoever created it.”Daniel. B. 

“I was suffering from constant pain in my neck and shoulders for too long, and I’m only in my twenties. Too early, I know. Now that the Forward Head Posture Fix program has helped me get rid of the problem, I will make sure to follow the program for as long as needed and would recommend it to my colleagues, family, and anyone who would like to have a pain-free neck.” Dede Sinclair 

“Although I felt refreshed doing Forward Head Posture Fix exercises for a week, it didn’t do much to improve my posture. I have less pain in the neck now, and I think I would have gotten that result doing any other routine targeting neck muscles. I have applied for a refund and the customer service has responded. Hoping to get my money back as soon as possible.” Brooklyn Adams

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Alternative Options For Forward Head Posture Fix

There are similar programs that claim to fix your posture like Forward Head Posture Fix does. Most of them adopt different working mechanisms based on varying concepts and targeting different causes of the posture problem. Unlock Your Spine is a program that promises to work on your posture by correcting your spine. Let’s see where it stands compared to the one we are analyzing.  

Product Forward Head Posture Fix Unlock Your Spine 
Manufacturer Forward Head Posture Fix Unlock Your Spine 
Customer ratings 4.7/54.5/5
Effectiveness You might observe an improvement in your posture from day 2 onwards. The program might take from a week to two to show some significant improvements.
Price details $9$25.99
Return & Refund policy 60-day money-back guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee 

Even if we leave everything else, the prices at which both of these programs are sold are incomparable. Forward Head Posture Fix digital program is a steal in comparison and even delivers results in the shortest time possible. I don’t think anyone is confused about the better program as the answer is clear without a doubt. 

Forward Head Posture Fix Price And Availability

Forward Head Posture Fix, as mentioned above, costs only 9 USD. Unbelievable, right? However, this is the slashed price for the first batch alone and the whole program in original, along with bonuses, costs $97. It is available for purchase only on the official website of the program created to make people aware of its existence and effectiveness.

Once you place your order and complete the payment procedures, you will receive the Forward Head Posture Fix DVD and the manual of the program in the shortest possible time. 

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Forward Head Posture Fix Bonuses And Money-Back Guarantee

Although the program deals with issues like lack of sleep and back pain on its own, the two bonuses that come with the purchase make it even easier to deal with these issues. 

Forward Head Posture Fix Bonuses

➡️Lower Back Pain Lifestyle Audit: This is a detailed presentation talking about the factors causing lower back pain. It will help you identify these factors at home and office and teach you how to make them right.

➡️10 Best Natural Sleep Solutions: A bad posture not only results in a lack of quality sleep but also creates issues like snoring and mouth breathing. This guide has solutions to all these problems, teaching you how to sleep properly and without problems.  

The money-back-guarantee of the Forward Head Posture Fix exercise program is for 60 days from the date of purchase. If you don’t find the program beneficial and suitable for you, you can return the product to the seller and apply for a full refund which will be approved without any questions. 

Pros And Cons Of Forward Head Posture Fix

As a program that is available in digital format, Forward Head Posture Fix doesn’t have a lot of drawbacks. Still, it couldn’t be 100% perfect, right?


  • Doesn’t take up too much time or space
  • Affordable to everyone
  • Can be carried to and accessed from anywhere
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Additional bonuses complementing the main routine


Who Is Behind Forward Head Posture Fix?

Mike Westerdal, a fitness author personal trainer, and sports nutrition specialist in the US, along with Rick Kaselj MS, an injury specialist and kinesiologist are the creators of the Forward Head Posture Fix program. While Mike Westerdal isolated the root cause behind the posture problem, Rick came up with a solution to it with a set of movements in a specific sequence, on which the entire program is built.

Once observed and experienced the results first-hand, they decided to write them down, which later grew into creating a video with explanations, leading to the development of this posture-fixing program.  

Final Verdict And Recommendations: Forward Head Posture Fix Reviews

So, is this the solution you were hoping for? Do you find it suitable for you? If you still haven’t decided, that’s okay. You have time and this Forward Head Posture Fix review will be here for as long as you need it. 

A single package of the program contains a Forward Head Posture Fix ebook and a DVD on which the program is inscribed in video format. It consists of 10 exercises that take a total of 15 minutes and are required to be followed in a sequence as instructed. These movements fix everything from neck and shoulder pain to realigning muscles and your posture in the least time possible. They work on the root cause of the issue, a misalignment of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck. It is also beneficial in solving issues like lack of sleep, breathing issues, and such, all stemming from a bad posture. 

Forward Head Posture Fix workout program is cheaper in comparison to similar other programs and even comes with a 60-day money-back policy. It can be accessed on any device and only takes 15 minutes a day. It also features a couple of bonus books that assist the routine in different ways. So, do you think it’s worth it?   

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1. I had surgery on my right shoulder a month ago. Can I practice the Forward Head Posture Fix routine?

You shouldn’t. You should wait until it heals completely and seek a medical opinion before jumping into an exercise routine no matter how low-impact it is. 

2. Is it safe for me to follow the Forward Head Posture Fix program with a fractured ligament on my leg?

These movements do not involve your leg, but your upper body. It shouldn’t harm you in any way even with a fractured ligament but if you want, you can ask your doctor whether it is fine to practice these movements with such an issue.

3. Will these movements put more pressure on my back?

No, they won’t. They are low-impact and instead of putting pressure, they relieve pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders.

4. I have a dislocated shoulder. Will following the Forward Head Posture Fix movements make it worse?

It would be better if you didn’t practice these movements with a dislocated shoulder. Also, you should get it checked before it’s too late and take medications if necessary. 

5. What should I do if Forward Head Posture Fix doesn’t work for me?

There is a refund policy that allows you to try the program risk-free. You can apply for a refund within 60 days of your original purchase given that’s the case, and you will be paid back in full, in no time. 


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