New Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls Links: For Beginners (Offers)

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      Are you a fan of Monopoly Go and looking for ways to get free dice rolls? We’ve got you covered! The classic board game has been transformed into a thrilling mobile app, allowing you to enjoy all the fun of Monopoly right from your smartphone. Here’s everything you need to know to get your hands on those coveted free dice rolls.

      What is Monopoly Go?

      Monopoly Go is a free-to-play mobile app that brings the excitement of the traditional Monopoly board game to your device. You can collect properties, build hotels, and participate in various multiplayer minigames as you make your way around the board.

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      Ways to Get Free Dice Rolls

      In Monopoly Go, dice rolls are essential for advancing in the game. Here are some ways to get them without spending real money:

      1. Daily Bonuses: Log into the game every day to collect daily rewards, including dice rolls.
      2. Game Progression: Advance through the game to earn dice rolls as you reach new milestones.
      3. Inviting Friends: Invite your friends to play Monopoly Go and earn bonus dice rolls when they join.
      4. Free Dice Links: Use our list of free dice roll links to get additional rolls.

      Monopoly Go Free Dice Links

      We regularly update our list of Monopoly Go free dice links, adding new ones and removing expired ones to ensure you always have access to the latest offers. Here are some of the currently active links:

      • 30 free dice rolls
      • 25 free dice rolls
      • 25 free dice rolls
      • 25 free dice rolls
      • 25 free dice rolls
      • 25 free dice rolls
      • 25 free dice rolls

      How to Redeem Monopoly Go Dice Links

      To redeem your free dice rolls, follow these simple steps:

      1. Reach Level 15: Ensure you are at least level 15 in the game to unlock albums.
      2. Click the Links: Return to this guide and click on the links provided above.
      3. Open in Monopoly Go: Your browser will prompt you to open the link in Monopoly Go. Agree to this prompt.
      4. Confirm: If successful, a pop-up will appear showing how many dice rolls you’ve received.

      Troubleshooting Tips

      If you experience issues claiming your dice rolls, try the following:

      • Incognito Mode: Open the links in an incognito browser window.
      • Different Browser: Use a different browser to avoid potential conflicts with browser extensions.

      Staying Safe with Monopoly Go Dice Links

      To ensure you are getting safe and legitimate dice roll links, bookmark this guide and check back regularly for updates. Avoid links from untrusted sources, as they may contain malware or other harmful content.

      Additional Ways to Earn Free Dice Rolls

      Besides using free dice links, you can also earn more dice rolls by completing sticker albums in the game. As you progress and complete goals, events, or tournaments, you will receive sticker packs. Completing a sticker pack set will reward you with free dice rolls and money.


      By following these tips and using our list of free dice roll links, you can enjoy Monopoly Go without having to spend real money on additional dice rolls. Keep checking back for the latest links and updates, and have fun rolling your way to Monopoly victory!

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