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I’ve Analyze This FemmeLean Formula, Check My Findings!

Every woman, at least once in their life, must have thought about how the studies and research related to the medical field neglect them, and ...

by Arie Jansen

I’ve Analyze This FemmeLean Formula, Check My Findings!

Every woman, at least once in their life, must have thought about how the studies and research related to the medical field neglect them, and their issues. Although the reasons for those might vary, we are often offered the same solutions as any other gender for similar issues. Now, that’s not fair, is it? That’s why FemmeLean intrigued me.

A supplement designed specifically for women, approaching their problems in a unique way, and offering a solution that works only for them. I have read countless FemmeLean reviews since I first heard about it and every time I read one, I felt like I should do a FemmeLean powder review of my own. 

FemmeLean Reviews: How Does This Formula Help To Improve Women’s Health?

  As a dietician, most of my clients are women who strive to maintain a fit and healthy body through a strict diet sacrificing their favorite things. Although the extent of sacrifices women usually make as part of the dieting culture is still questionable, nobody can argue that a balanced diet is inevitable for a long and disease-free life. What usually makes me sad is that even after doing it all, a lot of women struggle with issues caused by an unbalanced hormone cycle. I try to fix it as much as I can with a science-based diet, but it’s not always practical for different reasons and doesn’t always work for everyone. 

I have always imagined a more comprehensive solution that is cheaper and accessible to everyone but deals with the issue more effectively. The FemmeLean formula reviews I read made me think that this might be it. But I’m not that easily convinced and decided it needed further research.

 This review is the summary of everything I gathered as part of my research. It has an ingredients analysis section, an analysis of the formula’s claimed benefits, its list of pros and cons, and so much more that I think would definitely be helpful for you in one way or another. Hope you enjoy reading it!

FemmeLean Reviews
Product NameFemmeLean
Net Weight3.38 oz (96g)
Target AudiencePremenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women
Key MechanismInfluences hormone production and regulates hormone cycle to achieve a balanced state of hormones (the “female golden ratio”)
Primary FunctionsSupport weight loss
Reduced fat accumulation
Improved glucose and lipid metabolism
Controlled cravings
Improved skin texture and elasticity
Reduced hyperpigmentation
Key IngredientsSylimarin (Milk Thistle), Green Tea, Chaste Berry, Citrus Pectin, Taraxacum (Dandelion), Camellia Sinensis, Eurycoma, Epimedium, Tribulus, Tribulus Terestris, Beetroot, Magnesium citrate, Zinc citrate
Usage InstructionsMix with a drink (water or other beverage) and consume in the morning before breakfast
Potential Side EffectsMild to nil
Price Details1 bottle: $69
Money-Back Guarantee180-day money-back guarantee
BonusesPowerful Detox Smoothies and Juices
Lose Weight With Your Favorite Foods, Renew Your Body
Additional InformationOnly available through the official website

What is FemmeLean?

FemmeLean isn’t solely a weight loss powder, but much more. is a superfood mix formulated in powder form and available in a tub of 3.38 oz (96g). It is made of ingredients that are capable of influencing hormone production and regulating the hormone cycle. This is basically how the formula is supposed to take care of the issues it is developed to target. 

This dietary supplement is designed exclusively for women, premenopausal, menopausal, and postmenopausal women in particular, and the issues they struggle with. Besides assisting in weight loss, FemmeLean women’s health supplement is supposed to clear out your skin of acne and pigmentation, restore bounce, soothe inflammation, and promote overall skin health. It also contributes to digestive health, mental health, and female vitality among other things. 

FemmeLean supplement works towards achieving every woman who uses it to achieve the “female golden ratio” of a completely balanced state of hormones where it handles issues for them without any extra effort on their part. Now, let’s move on to the working mechanism.  

How does FemmeLean work?

FemmeLean weight loss formula works by activating the compounds in the long list of ingredients it is made of, to deal with both weight gain and skin health issues. The ingredients eliminate these issues most effectively by targeting them at the root and preventing them from developing again in the future. 

 This superfood blend works to achieve “natural harmony” in the body that gets disrupted when the hormone cycle goes out of balance. It brings balance to an estrogen-dominant system, letting the user into the “female golden ratio” a state where the hormones work to take care of your problems. Primarily, it takes care of weight gain issues stemming from a slow metabolism which is a direct result of out-of-balance hormone production. 

The FemmeLean ingredients, apart from setting the hormone cycle right, adopt varying approaches like reduced fat accumulation and fat absorption, improved lipid and glucose metabolism, and controlled cravings to deal with the same issue that consequently leads to obesity. This will also reflect in your overall health and the level of health markers like blood sugar and cholesterol levels, promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

Another area the FemmeLean powder formula handles is skin health. Balanced hormone levels will reduce the appearance of acne and breakouts on the skin. Some of the ingredients also take care of post-acne inflammation, and signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, all the while evening out the skin tone and restoring elasticity. Seems like the formula does it all, doesn’t it?   

FemmeLean ingredients list

The ingredients list of FemmeLean has around fifteen plant-extracted compounds with weight loss and other medicinal properties. 

  • Sylimarin: Sylimarin, also known as Milk Thistle, is a plant known to promote healthy weight loss. A WebMD article about the plant and its properties states that the compounds in the plant extract work to aid weight loss by regulating glucose metabolism. It also controls blood sugar levels to prevent the onset of diabetes and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The ingredient is also helpful in reducing acne marks and supporting skin health.   
  • Green Tea: According to an article published on the National Library of Medicine website, green tea boosts the metabolic rate if consumed on a daily basis. Compounds like Catechin, Chlorogenic acid, and L-theanine in green tea leaves are associated with fat burning, especially visceral fat in humans. It also curbs unhealthy appetite to reduce calorie intake and slows down glucose absorption.   
  • Chaste Berry: A research paper published on the Cleaveland Clinic website states that Chaste Berry possesses anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial in improving skin health. It also treats skin conditions that appear as a result of hormonal imbalance, by regulating hormone production.    
  • Citrus Pectin: Citrus Pectin is a plant derivative that is beneficial in treating the symptoms of high cholesterol and diabetes. Studies have revealed that the ingredient is capable of reducing fat absorption, controlling cravings, and improving metabolism, all contribute to weight loss. As a rich source of vitamin C, it gets rid of hyperpigmentation on the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and slows down the aging process.  
  • Taraxacum: The National Library of Medicine has an article on Taraxacum and its metabolic effects. Also known as Dandelion, it possesses anti-obesity properties that support healthy weight management. Being a weight loss aid, it inhibited fat absorption, reduced fat accumulation, and improved glucose metabolism, in experiments conducted subjecting mice.     
  • Camellia Sinensis: Camellia Sinensis is effective in improving skin health as stated by a Paula’s Choice article. The flower has antiaging effects that will reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation on the face while maintaining the hydration and elasticity of the skin. It protects the skin barrier from damage, shields it from UV rays, prevents breakouts, and even gets rid of acne marks.  
  • Eurycoma: As per an article displayed on the WebMD website, Eurycoma is a plant derivative capable of reducing fat absorption while improving lipid metabolism. It contains compounds that are involved in the formation of new blood vessels in the skin, accelerating wound healing and skin texture. 
FemmeLean Ingredients

Besides the above seven, Epimedium, Tribulus, Tribulus Terestris extract, Beetroot powder, Magnesium citrate, and Zinc citrate constitute the rest of the ingredients on the list. 

FemmeLean benefits and key factors

  Out of the thirteen ingredients you just learned about, some possess properties that are useful in weight management and skin health while the rest of them exhibit either one of these properties. 

  • Supports healthy weight loss: Sylimarin, Green tea, Taraxacum, Eurycoma, and Citrus Pectin are some of the ingredients that can deal with the issue of weight gain. They adopt different mechanisms including improving glucose and lipid metabolism, reducing fat absorption, controlling appetite, and burning fat to produce energy. 
  • Improves health markers: Some of these FemmeLean ingredients like Sylimarin, Green tea, and Taraxacum have a direct influence on the process of glucose metabolism. They help reduce the quantity of glucose absorbed into the bloodstream and break down the stored glucose into energy. Similarly, Citrus Pectin can control blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting the absorption of excess fat into the body, thus contributing to improved levels of health markers.
  • Improves skin texture & elasticity: Apart from its weight loss properties, Green tea has antioxidant properties that protect the skin against oxidative damage. Camellia Sinensis, another one from the list, has properties that restore the elasticity and skin barrier of the skin while keeping it hydrated. Both Camellia and Milk Thistle effectively deal with acne with regulated hormone production, get rid of acne marks and wrinkles, and smoothen the skin texture.
  • Reduces hyperpigmentation: Citrus Pectin, an ingredient rich in Vitamin C, reduces the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation by inhibiting the production of melanin. It gets rid of dullness to reveal a brighter complexion while protecting the skin from sun damage. 

How to use FemmeLean?

As I have already said, the FemmeLean metabolic boosting formula is available in powder form. So rather than taking it directly, it is recommended that you add it to a drink, which could be a glass of water or any other beverage you like.

Simply adding it isn’t enough but mix it well before drinking. This is supposed to be a morning routine, preferably before breakfast, on an empty stomach. This will increase the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream which will work throughout the day to resolve the issues to their maximum potential.   

FemmeLean Supplement Facts

FemmeLean side effects

If you are a diabetic patient and are worried about the drink’s effects on your blood sugar levels, don’t worry, the formula has no added sugar. The most important thing you should be aware of is that you cannot take FemmeLean with prescribed hormone medications.

The chances of interactions are high and you cannot predict whether they would be harmful or not. So, better not take that risk. Other than there is nothing much to worry about in that regard and no severe FemmeLean side effects have been reported from the customer side as well, except for nausea and bloating experienced by a few.  

FemmeLean customer reviews

Do you know who you can expect to see in the FeemmeLean reviews? A bunch of happy women. They are all happy about finally having something that is designed specifically for their issues, handling those in a way that suits the female body. Even the ones who did not get the expected results were happy to be part of it and are hopeful that it might work for someone else they know even if it didn’t for them. 

“Do you know what everybody suggested to me when I complained about my weight gain issues that didn’t go away no matter how hard I tried? Gym workouts! Like I never thought about that before!! Anyway, FemmeLean worked really well for me and I’m back to my old self just after three months of taking the formula.” Nancy. J 

“There is literally nothing that I haven’t tried to get rid of my acne. I have a seven-step skincare routine, drink a lot of water, and try to eat well. None worked until FemmeLean. I can’t express how grateful I am in words, but thank you!”Stephanie. M.

“Perhaps my real issue is not hormone imbalance but something else. The formula didn’t bring any change in my skin issues even after a month and I guess it is pointless to keep hoping anymore. I plan on returning the tub and claim a refund, which I hope will go well.” Samantha. R

Alternative options for FemmeLean

How about we look at a few more options before deciding on FemmeLean? Both alternatives, Fast Lean Pro and Sumatra Slim Belly Tonic are customer favorites similar to FemmeLean and are known for their efficacy. Let’s see which one is the best among these three. 

Product FemmeLeanFast Lean ProSumatra Slim Belly Tonic
Manufacturer FemmLeanFast Lean ProSumatra Tonic 
Customer Ratings 4.9/54.8/54.5/5
Results Results can be expected after finishing one bottleResults might take 5 to 7 weeks to manifestProper results need time and might take up to 8 weeks
Price Details 30-day supply: $6990-day supply: $177180-day supply: $23430-day supply: $6990-day supply: $177180-day supply: $29430-day supply: $6990-day supply: $147180-day supply: $234
Return & Refund Policy 180-day money-back guarantee 180-day money-back guarantee 90-day money-back guarantee 
AvailabilityOfficial WebsiteOfficial WebsiteOfficial Website

Both FemmeLean and Sumatra Slim Belly Tonic are priced the same. However, the return policy of Fast Lean Pro is similar to that of FemmeLean and better than Sumatra Slim Belly Tonic. If we come to the rating and the result time frame, FemeLean is better than the other two and I think, for all these reasons, this formula is the best of the three. 

FemmeLean price and availability

Do you know how you can save more with a FemmeLean package? Go for the biggest bundle. I’m not joking. While the single-bottle package is available at $69 per bottle, the 6-bottle package is available at a $30 discount. Also, there are bonuses, but only with the 3 & 6-bottle packages.  

  • 1 bottle (30-day supply): $69/package + $9.95 shipping & handling
  • 3 bottles (90-day supply): $59/bottle, $17/package
  • 6 bottles (180-day supply): $39/bottle, $234/package

You can purchase a package of your choice through their FemmeLean official website and nowhere else. As of now, the manufacturer is not selling the formula on any other popular platforms to deal with the end users directly and save both parties money. 

FemmeLean bonuses and money-back guarantee

Both the bundle packages offer additional bonuses with them. While the 90-day supply package comes with two of them, the 180-day package features three. 

  • Powerful Detox Smoothies and Juices: This book contains recipes for juices and smoothies that help flush out toxins from the body. These easy-to-make recipes also work to burn fat and improve skin health with their powerful and delicious set of ingredients.
  • Lose Weight With Your Favorite Foods: The book costs &67 in retail and has instructions and directions on when and how to eat your favorite foods to lose weight. 
  • Renew Your Body: The guide teaches you how to protect yourself from environmental toxins and unlock your female energy and the glow from within. 
FemmeLean Bonuses

FemmeLean weight loss supplement has a money-back guarantee of 180 days within which you can return the bottle and get a refund if it’s not working for you. In a way, this is like trying the formula for free as you won’t have the risk of losing money if you find the formula not meeting your expectations.

Write to the manufacturer or contact them through the toll-free number to ask for a refund and the money will be credited to your account within a week of them receiving the package you sent back. 

Pros and cons list of FemmeLean

As far as this, FemmeLean looks good and safe. Is there anything more one should expect before making the purchase? Let’s make a list.


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • The list only contains ingredients with scientific backing
  • The FemmeLean formula has been subjected to third-party testing to ensure safety and quality
  • The manufacturing facility and process are accredited by the authorities
  • Money-back guarantee of 180 days


  • The formula takes longer to work in certain individuals
  • Potential interactions with hormone medications

FemmeLean Reviews: Final verdict and recommendations

Was it a happy reading? It’s time we make a verdict on the formula and its worth. So, what do you think? Do you think the formula can take care of your issues better than everything else? Is FemmeLean the one you have been waiting for all this while? If you have an answer, tell me about it in the comment section.

FemmeLean weight loss supplement is a blend of a set of superfoods obtained from nature. They have an array of functions, most of which benefit your health in different ways. According to various FemmeLean reviews, the formula effectively takes care of weight gain issues, improves metabolism, treats skin problems like acne and hyperpigmentation, reduces wrinkles and fine lines as part of getting rid of the signs of aging, keeps the skin hydrated, and restores skin elasticity by boosting collagen production. It also promotes healthy food habits by curbing unhealthy cravings which will be reflected in your digestive health. 

Every ingredient used in the FemmeLean hormone support supplement is backed by scientific studies and the final formula is safe and quality-tested. It contains no harmful substances and has a GMP-certified manufacturing process that takes place in an FDA-accredited facility in the US. It comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee and three bonus books helpful in taking the results a little further. Do you think it’s worth a try now?   

FemmeLean Reviews: Overall Supplement Score

FemmeLean is a superfood supplement designed for women, addressing hormonal imbalances and related issues. It claims to support weight loss, skin health, and overall well-being through natural ingredients. The product comes with bonuses and a money-back guarantee.

– Dr. Arie Jansen

Ingredient Quality
Manufacturing Standards
Customer Reviews


FemmeLean offers a promising solution for women’s health issues, targeting hormonal balance, weight management, and skin health. While its natural ingredients and money-back guarantee are appealing, potential users should consult healthcare professionals before use, especially if taking medications.



1. Does it work for men with weight gain issues?

The formula works with the female hormone cycle. Although it is a weight loss supplement that contains ingredients with anti-obesity properties that will work for anyone, this particular formulation probably won’t work for men.

2. Is it safe for girls below eighteen years old?

FemmeLean is designed for pre-, post, and menopausal women, particularly targeting those between 30 to 60 years of age. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone under eighteen, considering the state and fluctuations of hormones greatly vary at that age.

3. Can I take it with my allergy medication?

Only after making sure that it won’t interact with the supplementation. Ask for a medical opinion before proceeding on your own, just to be safe. 

4. I’m under medication for hyperthyroidism. Is FemmeLean safe for me?

Medications for thyroid issues usually influence hormone levels. Considering the supplement also impacts the same, I would advise you not to take them both together.

5. How long should I wait to get any results?

You can expect the results within a month, provided you are consistent with the formula. This might vary in certain cases depending on individual bodies, immune responses, and hormone cycles. 



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  1. I was skeptical at first, but FemmeLean exceeded my expectations. I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my metabolism and overall well-being. This product really works!

  2. I started using FemmeLean three weeks ago, and I’m already noticing a difference! My energy levels have increased, and I’m feeling more focused throughout the day. Highly recommend it!

  3. I’ve tried several supplements, but FemmeLean is by far the best. It really helped me with my weight loss journey and boosted my confidence. So glad I found it!


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