Finding A Healthy Balance: Exercise and Male Fertility

Many couples today are finding it difficult to conceive a child. The lifestyles that many people are forced to live this day and age certainly doesn’t help the process of getting pregnant, especially when you take into account how busy and stressed people are. Obesity has become a big problem in many parts of the world and a lack of exercise is often to blame. And then being busy is what that lack of exercise is blamed on leaving most people living in a vicious and unhealthy cycle. This leads to all kinds of health issues including infertility.

Doing It Right

Exercise is very important for men in helping to keep their sperm healthy and plentiful. Busy or not, any man who wants to be healthy and try to conceive should exercise at least thirty minutes three times a week. If he’s overweight then losing that excess weight can go a long way to producing healthier sperm, and as an added bonus, a healthier and more enjoyable sex life as well!

The key to using exercise to help with male fertility is finding a balance. Men often fall to opposite sides of the spectrum: exercising too little or exercising way more than is healthy in order to get muscular. Too much exercise can lower your testosterone levels and cause you to have problems when it comes to making a baby. Many bodybuilders take testosterone supplements in order to compensate the loss from exercise. But, testosterone supplements are not going to help you if you’re trying to have a child and they can actually have some very negative side effects when taken improperly.

Some of the supplements that bodybuilders take to help them build muscle can lead to a rise in the production of free radicals in the body as well. Sperm can be damaged by free radicals. Exercise is a great tool that no one should avoid, but you have to learn how to use it to your advantage and not over do it. Some men have a problem balancing the benefits of exercise with the negative aspects that may come with working out excessively. A doctor or healthcare professional can help in terms of suggesting a good plan so that the best health benefits are achieved from working out.

In Conclusion

Overall, exercise can greatly improve male fertility or, if done incorrectly, wreak havoc on it. Finding the right balance makes the most sense in terms of fertility and health. Getting moving could be all it takes to help a man become a father–so start exercising moderately today.

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