Menopause Can Be Great, Here’s Why

Menopause can be a great sign that you’ve begun a new stage in your life. Rather than seeing it in negative terms, this is a time to be completely positive and to see this as a sign of exciting things to come. Here’s why:

You are Free!

Menopause allows you to feel a sense of freedom that you haven’t felt for decades. Many women report feeling a surprising amount of freedom with menopause. You’ve been tied to your monthly cycle, and to your body’s changes, for so many years. You are finally free of that constant change and the need to take care of your body’s cycle. You can throw away the tampons and pads and say goodbye to planning your vacations at the right time. This is very liberating. You won’t have to worry about PMS, migraine headaches, or cramps anymore. In addition, you no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. You should certainly still use protection because you can contract an STD, but you don’t have to worry about pregnancy any longer.

Be Creative

Many women begin to feel more creative as they hit menopause. They report flashes of creativity and insight. They begin to see more possibilities in the world and this creates a feeling of change and expectation. They also feel more independent. They are no longer tied to their body’s cycle and don’t have their moods and their behavior dictated by their body. They aren’t concerned about running the marathon they planned to do with cramps or about having PMS migraines during that great trip they’ve planned for so long. This allows for more of a focus on the present.

The Body, In A New Way

There are certainly changes that the body experiences during menopause. While you don’t have to worry about the monthly cycle any longer, you will have certain symptoms such as hot flashes, skin issues and more. These changes, however, allow you to be in tune with your body’s needs and to see it in a new way.

Use Your Time

Menopause signals a transitional time for many women. It’s a time when the children are leaving the house, or have already left, and when you can begin to focus on yourself more. This transition allows people to take stock and to re-examine their lives. They can make important changes and define where they want to be in their lives professionally, personally and emotionally.

Bond With Others

Menopause gives you a great reason to bond with others who are experiencing the same stage in life. There are support groups that you can find, online chats that you can join and more. Discussing your experiences, and laughing with others, can help you to understand what you are going through and to feel connected to other women. This can create close ties and a great sense of purpose together.

This stage of your life is for you. Enjoy every minute of menopause and find ways to stay fulfilled with this new era in your life.

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