Enjoy a Body Scrub at Home

A body scrub is a whole body exfoliation. This treatment helps remove the dead layer of skin — which can give the skin a dull, unhealthy look – to expose the healthier, younger looking, more supple skin underneath. It can help you look your best.

The treatment is made up of a semi-liquid or gel base with coarse granules suspended within the liquid. Examples of ingredients in the coarse granules include sea salt, apricot, walnut and oatmeal. The final consistency of the treatment is similar to a thicker moisturizing lotion.

Many spas offer body scrub treatments, but you can enjoy the benefits of one at home for a much lower cost. Keep in mind that home treatments will work well, but spa treatments tend to be more thorough because the therapist will be able to reach those spots, like the middle of your back, more easily.

Mixing the Homemade Body Scrub

You can purchase pre-made body scrub at the spa, big box store or drug mart, but sometimes it’s more fun to make your own. The goal is to carefully balance the right amount of granules with moisturizer.

Sea Salt Scrub: You’ll need finely ground sea salt and almond oil available at any grocery store. Mix half a cup of the oil with one cup of the sea salt with a wooden spoon until you get a paste. Use immediately and do not keep the leftovers.

Coffee Scrub: You’ll need fresh plain yogurt and finely ground coffee. Mix half a cup of yogurt and one cup of coffee together with a wooden spoon. This scrub won’t require an additional moisturizer because the yogurt will make your skin supple and soft. Use immediately and do not keep the leftovers.

Honey and Walnut Scrub: You’ll need whole milk, walnuts and honey. Grind the walnut to a medium grain. Add three tablespoons of whole milk and three tablespoons of honey. Mix well with a wooden spoon. Use immediately and do not keep the leftovers. Cleanses and moisturizes at the same time making it a great scrub for dry winter days.

Using the Scrub

Create a relaxing environment with candles and soothing music if you wish to recreate some of the spa experience. Apply your chosen scrub to your body in the bathroom beginning from top to bottom or vice versa avoiding your face. Rub the scrub gently in a circular pattern for about one minute in each section for a full exfoliation. Rinse in the shower with a hydrating gel. Apply moisturizer if needed. Or soak in the tub with a tablespoon of olive oil to make your skin baby soft. Try not to put on confining clothes after your scrub or do anything stressful so you can enjoy the relaxation of the treatment longer.

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