Work With Your Body Type To Look Great

Whether you’re shaped like J.Lo or like Madonna, there’s no reason that you can’t look great in your clothes.  Understand your own body type, and work with your body type to select your clothing.  This will help you to look your best all the time.  Here is an explanation of six body types that you might have, and the clothes that will look best on you with your current shape.  Embrace your body and enjoy the great looks that you can create with these suggestions!

Pear Shape

If you’ve got a pear shaped body, that means that you are small on top and more full on the bottom.  You have a slender neck and narrow shoulders and are small breasted.  You become much curvier at the waist, with a great waistline, generous hips and full thighs.  So, what should you wear?  Select pants that are loose fitting and flowing so that they don’t accentuate your larger legs.  Enjoy shoulder pads and blouses that are either long or short – not that hit you at the hip.  Enjoy fitting tops to accentuate your smaller figure on top and have fun with that great waist.

Diamond Shape

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so it can’t be too bad to have a diamond shape.  This is a body type like J.Lo’s that includes a shorter build, narrow shoulders, small breasts, and curvy hips and thighs.  Avoid pants that are too bulky on the bottom, as they’ll make you look shorter and weigh you down.  Enjoy fitted shirts for your smaller chest area, but make sure they are loose enough in the hips and bottom.  Add details to your tops, including puffy sleeves, a low neckline, pockets and more that call attention to your curves and your great upper body.

Round Shape

So, you’re a larger woman who still wants to feel great about yourself.  You’ve got large breasts, a generous stomach, narrow hips and shapely legs.  It’s time to show off those legs and the lower part of your body.  Avoid fitted tops that will accentuate your heavier areas, and also stay away from bulky skirts that will detract from your great legs.  Look for monochromatic outfits – creating a one color look always helps to slenderize.  Enjoy long tunics that can hide your bulky middle and draw attention to your legs. And, have fun with mini skirts!

Upside Down Triangle

If you’ve got an inverted triangle shape, then you’re much broader on top and narrow on the bottom.  You’ve got a full bust and large shoulders that taper into an average waist, narrow hips and long legs.  Enjoy flared skirts to balance out your wider shoulders, while still showing off your legs.  Use a low slung belt to attract attention to your hips and to balance your figure.  Try to create a narrowly look for your shoulders with high set sleeves and low necklines.

Straight Shape

So, you never seem to have hit that puberty stage of blossoming and you’ve got a straight body with few curves.  Many women would kill for your figure, as you can wear virtually anything that you desire.  Try wearing v-neck shirts because they make your neck and upper torso look longer.  Longer jackets paired with shirt skirts will lengthen your upper torso and give you the look of curves.  Have fun with your figure by pairing tunic tops with long skirts or long tops with fitted pants.

Hour Glass Shape

You and Marilyn Monroe would have been good friends.  This shape is characterized by large breasts, a defined waist, shapely hips and legs and, sometimes, a large behind.  You’ve got the curves – so flaunt them!  Try to stay away from baggy styles, as they’ll hide your curves and simply make you look large.  Draw attention to your shapely waist with belts and wrap tops that tie at the waist.  Enjoy dresses that show off those hips, but don’t wear clothes that are too clingy. You can accentuate your curves and enjoy your body type with style.

No matter what body type you are, you can find clothes that will accentuate the positives and keep you looking great.  Don’t compare yourself to others – compare yourself to these body types and find the right clothes for you.

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