All About Dieting: Diet and Your Health

Diet plays an important role in keeping you healthy. Many women will jump from diet to diet in an effort to shed a few pounds. But do fad diets really give you the nutrition you need? Food doesn’t have to be the enemy so long as you know how to eat right, which means following the guidelines in the food pyramid. Be informed about the nutritional value of protein and omega 3 fatty acids as well as the difference between good and bad carbs. And make your trip to the grocery store easier and more informative by knowing how to read food labels.

Get the skinny on all the latest diet plans, including the South Beach diet, the Macrobiotic diet, the Raw Food diet and the Atkins diet. Read our article on everyday healthy eating that’ll help you lose weight in a healthy way and forget about all those unhealthy crash diets that’ll just make you burn out.

Many women turn to vegetarianism for a variety of reasons. But is vegetarianism the healthy choice? Read an article about the benefits and risks of following a vegetarian diet. Learn how to balance essential nutrients while preparing vegetarian meals so that you can get all the benefits of healthy eating in a complete vegetarian diet.

Thinking of using diet supplements to help you shed those few extra pounds? Check out our diet pills article to get the skinny on diet pills. There’s a new diet pill ingrediant and herb that’s getting a lot of publicity these days: hoodia gordonii. Be informed about this herb and it’s side effects before you jump on the bandwagon. And what else in is health and fitness supplements? If you ever wonder what all those ingredients listed actually do, look into supplement ingredients page.

What about using dietary supplements to maintain a healty body? There are many you can take, but first do your research on nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, to see what you may need more of. If you’re not getting enough nutrients from your everyday diet, you may want to look into a multivitamin.

Herbs can have health benefits too. People have been taking herbs for centuries – long before medications as we know them existed. Common herbal supplements today are ginseng, St. John’s wort, golden root, and saw palmetto. However, just because herbs have been around longer, it doesn’t mean they’re safe. Make sure to do your research and talk to your doctor before including any herbal remedies in your diet.

Do you crave chocolate cake? Can’t get that bag of nachos off your mind? Find out if there’s an emotional root to your food cravings.

Concerned about cloned food and the impact it might have on your healthy eating habits? Learn all about cloned animals food production here. The health benefits of organic food have recently come under the microscope, and many are opting for this more natural approach to food production. Find out what all those consumer labels mean in our guide to organic food lables.

And read our sections on diet foods and healthy snack ideas to make sure you get proper nutrition.

And don’t forget that the type of foods you eat can make a huge impact on your health and appearance. For example, fish oil has been regarded as highly effective in promoting the health and vitality of your body from the inside out. There’s also been a lot of publicity about the potential benefits of red wine to your health, due in part to the resveratrol it contains.

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