How His Diet Can Affect His Fertility

by Staff

When they say you are what you eat they aren’t kidding! It seems that poor eating habits really do mean poor health and in more ways than anyone even realizes. You wouldn’t think that diet would have anything to do with a man’s fertility but it actually does.

If you’ve been trying to get pregnant with no luck then you may want to consider certain aspects of your health and lifestyle before calling in the big guns like fertility specialists. It really could be as simple as needing to tweak your partner’s eating habits to make them more ‘sperm friendly’.

Time For A Change

A number of supplements exist to help a woman with her preconception health, but that isn’t the case for men. So this just means that you’ll have to do it on your own and rely on good dietary changes to help you. Eating the right foods really can help him to become more fertile as well as make him healthier in the long run.

If you can change the types of foods that he eats you can be well on your way to improving his fertility. For instance, to increase his sperm count, include foods such as lamb, oysters, or fish. These foods are high in zinc and they’ll help to increase the overall sperm production. To increase the mobility of the sperm so that it can get to where it needs to go then foods rich in vitamin C and E are the best choice. Selenium can also help improve mobility in sperm. Lycopene can help increase sperm count as well and it can be found in foods such as tomatoes. If you’re working to change his diet to improve his fertility, you should know that it will take a few months for the changes to really begin to work their magic. And, don’t forget that dehydration is another factor that can lead to a low sperm volume. Most people don’t drink enough water and it’s been shown that men are especially guilty of this. He’ll need to be reminded that beer, pop and juice aren’t the best way to go and that water is a must.

A Few More Suggestions

Saw palmetto is an herb that can help to stimulate the glands that are associated with semen production. Maca and Tribulus Terrestris both help men to naturally increase testosterone levels in the body. Eating more vegetables and fruits will also work wonders for all aspects of his health, immunity and fertility. And since we know that some men may not find these changes so easy, a good old multivitamin can also help keep his health and fertility functioning better.

Leafy greens, tomatoes, peppers and oranges are just a few of the many different fruits and vegetables that can help your partner to improve his fertility. And, some vitamins that your partner may want to consider are vitamin B, which will improve sperm count and Vitamin C which can improve the ability of sperm to achieve conception. Almost any of these vitamins can be found in many different foods and of course, the supplements section of almost any department or grocery store.


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