Deciding to Have Another Child

Whether you have one child or five children, making a conscious decision to have another one can be difficult. There are many factors to consider when making this decision and there is no right or wrong answer. There are some points you can consider to help you make your decision, but sometimes you just need to go with your gut and your heart.

Age Concerns

If you’re very young, then whether you’ll be around to see your child grow up and graduate may not be an issue. However, it is a concern to older parents. Women and couples who have children later in life may be concerned about whether or not they’ll have the energy to raise the child. They may be concerned about possible health risks to themselves and the baby as well as potential genetic risks. As a woman gets older, her ability to have babies decreases.

There are also benefits to having children later in life just as there are benefits to having babies when you’re young. When you’re young, you may have more energy to handle children. But as older parents, you’re more financially prepared and emotionally stronger to deal with the responsibilities of raising another child.

Gender Factors

If you have all girls or all boys, you may want to try again for the other gender. Of course, you need to be aware that the chance of having a baby of either gender is 50% so be cautious if this is your only reason for having another baby. If you suspect you’ll be heartbroken and have regrets if you don’t get the gender you want, then this is not the best reason to have another baby. You need to know in your heart that you will still be happy even if you don’t get your desired gender so that you’ll be able to love this new child as much as you love your others.

Health Issues

Health plays an important part in deciding to go through another pregnancy. Women who have difficult or high risk pregnancies may not have the physical, mental and emotional strength to go through another hard pregnancy. Women with other medical conditions who require medication to function should discuss their options before getting pregnant again.


Having another child will likely affect your or your partner’s job opportunities. If one parent is currently staying at home, he or she may need to further postpone returning to the workforce. Or if no parent is staying at home right now then one parent may need to make the choice to do so. If both parents wish to continue their careers, then daycare costs need to be taken into consideration as well.

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