Choosing A Hair Color: How to Choose the Best Hair Color For You

Looking for a hair color change but are unsure of which hair color is right for you? Unsure about trying a new hair color? Or perhaps you want to complement your natural hair color with highlights? Our hair color guide has all you need to know about choosing the best hair color for you. Discover our hair color tips in order to discover your true beauty and make bad dye jobs a thing of the past!

Choosing A Hair Color

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a new hair color including your skin tone, eye color and your current hair color.

Choose which of the following categories best matches you in order to find your best hair color:

  • Light warm skin tones: Your skin has warm, yellow-red undertones. Your skin is ivory, creamy beige, peaches and cream or is light golden tan in appearance. Your eye color is brown, amber, green or hazel.The best hair color for you: Individuals who fall under this category look best in lighter hair colors that have warm undertones. Such hair colors include strawberry blonde, light brown with golden or reddish highlights and beige blondes.
  • Medium to deep warm skin tones:: Your skin has warm, yellow-red undertones and is tawny, golden brown or coppery in appearance. Your eye color is dark brown, green or amber.The best hair color for you: Rich, dark shades suit you best. Your best hair color is medium to dark golden brown, chestnut, honey brown, copper or mahogany.
  • Light cool skin tones: Your skin has a cool or blue-red tone to it. Your skin color is best described as rose beige, light pearl or rosy pink. Your eyes are light blue, grey-green, turquoise or grey-blue. The best hair color for you: You should choose a hair color that is ashy or cool, such as a silvery blonde, light brown with wheat-colored tones or platinum blonde. These hair colors are best when paired with lighter ash or platinum blonde highlights.
  • Medium to deep cool skin tones: Your skin is light olive, dark olive, dark brown or ebony. Your eye color is cool brown, black, blue green, or deep blue or green.
    The best hair color for you: Your best hair color is dark brown, plum or black and can be accented with plum or burgundy highlights.

Options Available for Dying Hair

Hair coloring can be done either at home or at the salon.

While salons can be pricier, it is usually best to have a professional color your hair if this is the first time you are having your hair colored, or if you want a drastic change or lots of highlights. Salons are also a good option if you want a permanent color, which will usually take several months to grow out.

At-home hair dying kits are a more affordable option. These kits come in a variety of shades and are available in permanent and semi-permanent (fades after a few shampoos) and semi-permanent forms which are considered the best way to color grey hair. If you are dying your hair at home, it is best not to go more than a couple of shades lighter than your current hair shade to minimize application problems.

In addition, natural hair dyes are an increasingly popular option for women who want a healthier hair coloring option. These herbal-based products are ammonia-free and provide hair with the nourishing benefits of herbs and henna, which help to keep hair healthy. These natural hair dyes do not actually change the color of your hair, but help to enhance color and shine while conditioning hair.

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