Charting On The Go

Charting ovulation can be a dreary chore, even more so in an age where everything is at our fingertips by way of our computers, laptops, and PDA’s. But if you prefer using a keyboard and technology compared to the dinosaur ways of paper and pen, there’s no reason not to substitute them. There are many types of charting software available on the market.

The first charting software on the market was probably Woman Calendar. Woman Calendar is useful for many situations and not just for knowing the most auspicious times for you to conceive. You can use this software to avoid or to become pregnant, help you plan a trip at a time when you won’t be having your period, or use it as a way to get around using chemical contraceptives.

The software is convenient and acts as an efficient means for managing your lifestyle by predicting fertility and menstrual periods. The fertility tracker has even come out in a version that can be used with a Windows Mobile PDA. The funny thing is that many of those who have purchased this software are of the male persuasion.

Multitasking Software

But even if you don’t have a PDA, you can use the PC version of the software to aid you in a variety of tasks including: the recording of menstrual cycles, natural family planning, personal notes, and ob-gyn appointments. You can choose whether to predict your ovulation according to temperature or calendar, and let Woman Calendar do the hard part of charting the results, making predictions about your future fertility, and forecasting the date of your next period. You can even use the software to print out a standard ovulation chart such as the kind used by ob-gyn physicians.

Of course, if you lead an active lifestyle or do much traveling, it’s even better to have the software available on a handheld computer. The mobile version of the software was first available to Palm OS users. But now it’s available on Windows Mobile Pocket PC, too. To top things off, the mobile software can be synchronized with the data on the Windows PC version so you can access and maintain your records no matter where you are.

Take Control

“More and more people turn to Natural Family Planning every day for making wise decisions about when and how to have children,” said product manager for Woman Calendar, Svilen Stoyanov. “Software applications for ovulation calendars and fertility prediction help individuals take better control of their lives.”

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