Breast Men versus Leg Men

“I Almost Died”

Dana Reardon* started growing breasts when she was eight. “A girl finally said something to me in gym, ‘You need a bra.’ I almost died. I was so embarrassed. I went home and told my mother that I needed a bra and she rolled her eyes. I have two older sisters, so she took me into the attic and brought down a bag with some old, ratty looking, padded beginner bras. She gave me one to try on and it was then she realized—I really did need a bra. Yup. It definitely sucked big time.”

Dana found that as her breasts grew, so did male interest in her changing body. She found herself both embarrassed and proud, by equal turns. But her breasts turned out to be the major character in an ongoing power play. “Guys would tell me they loved me and try to get under my shirt. They’d promise me undying love for a peek and a squeeze, but if I let them, they’d go and tell all their friends that I was a whore. There didn’t seem any way for me to win. If I didn’t let them get to second base, they’d call me frigid.”

Stupid and Floppy?

Bobby Cartwright* was quite different from the guys Dana knew back then, “Yeah. I knew I was different. All the other guys were talking boobs, boobs, boobs, all day, every day, and I was completely unmoved by breasts. In fact, when I was three years old, I saw an old Cyd Charisse movie on TV and was dumbstruck by her awesome legs. I never recovered. Never cared about breasts. Legs are it for me. They have such an elegant form, whereas breasts are kind of stupid and floppy looking. I think that breast men have no taste or discernment, because it’s so obvious to me that legs have a more artful form.”

Jim Armbruster* disagrees, “Breasts are the epitome of soft womanhood; everybody’s first experience with woman, even if we weren’t breastfed. When Mom held us, she was soft, and when Dad held us, it was firm, hard, and muscular—definitely not what you want to feel when you hug a girl. And we never got to see Mom’s boobs. So, of course, it’s really all we want to do. Seeing a girl’s breasts, at least when I was a teenager, was about being naughty and wanting to see under Mommy’s shirt.”

And then of course, there’s something in between the two male preferences. Mark Hanson* is an ass man. “It just sits so perfect in your hand, and I love to watch the way the buns shift against each other in a pair of tight-fitting jeans. The boobs are out there, the legs are subtle and elegant, but the ass is just the most curvaceous part of a woman, for sure. In India, the ass is considered the most erotic part of a woman.”

* Names have been changed

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