Finding The Perfect Bra

When it comes to women and fashion, comfort goes a long way. The perfect bra should provide a balance between proper support and style, giving you the comfort you need whether in the form of sexy lingerie or a simple sports bra.

With a seemingly endless variety of bra styles, it may be difficult to choose the bra that’s just right for you. If you’re looking for a plus size bra, a push up bra, or think you may need a professional bra fitting, here’s a quick and easy guide that can help you find that perfect bra fit.

Bra No-Nos

Depending on your breast size and body shape, you may be faced with different problems when it comes to ill-fitting bras. Here are some signs that may indicate that your bra is not providing you with proper support in your search for the perfect bra:

  • If your bra is riding up at the back of the ribs, this may indicate that the underband of the bra is too big
  • Red marks caused by bra straps on the shoulder indicate a bad fit
  • “Double breasting” happens when excess breast tissue pops above bra cups that are too small for the breasts.
  • You should not be able to feel any pressure from the under wire of your bra
  • The center of the bra should touch the breast bone
  • Breast tissue should not be “spilling” out of the sides of the bra near the underarms
  • Your breasts should not look out of shape

Remember, an ill-fitting bra can not only look unflattering on the body, but can lead to discomfort such as headaches and backaches.

Perfect Bra For All Body Types

There are several different bra styles that experts generally agree are better suited for some body types and breast sizes than others.

For women experiencing problems with bras that are too tight leading to breast tissue that “spills” out of bras, changing the cup size is key. The overflow of the breast is caused by a cup size that is too small. Trying a larger cup size with a wide band can provide extra control, while an overflowing bra with seams in the center can provide added support and keep the breasts in place.

For plus-sized women, high sides, wide straps, and bra cups that provide full coverage of breast are generally best suited. Look for an underwire bra that can offer as much support at the sides of breasts as it does at the bottom.

Half-cup bras can flatter women with a smaller bust. If a push up bra doesn’t appeal to you, try a bra that has padding near the underwire and at the sides of the breasts if you’re looking for an extra lift. A deep-V bra can also highlight cleavage.

A busty gal should use as much support as possible. Avoid bras made of stretchy fabrics and opt for constructed bras with molded shapes instead. Make sure the bra cups fit snuggly with no gaps in between breasts. A bra with an anchored center and side support is also preferred. If you’re looking to minimize the appearance of your breasts, choose plain bras with smooth fabrics.

Bra Tips From The Experts

The size and shape of every woman’s breasts fluctuate more frequently than you may have thought. Bra specialists recommend that women receive a bra fitting or a breast measurement – which can be done at home – every six months.

According to experts, the most common mistake women make when purchasing bras without determining bra size by a specialist, is buying cups that are too small with back straps that are too big. Take this into consideration when looking for the perfect bra without a bra fitting.

Lastly, remember that bra sizes vary depending on the brand, so that the same bra size from one manufacturer is bound to be different from another. Getting a bra fitting at a specialty lingerie store can help you avoid this problem, and purchase a bra in the same store based on those particular bra measurements.

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