Boost Oxygen Reviews: An In-Depth Analysis Of This Supplemental Oxygen Formula!

Have you ever felt an urgent need for oxygen as you struggle to catch your breath? Have you ever wished for an external oxygen aid ...

by Kendra Reed

Boost Oxygen Reviews: An In-Depth Analysis Of This Supplemental Oxygen Formula!

Have you ever felt an urgent need for oxygen as you struggle to catch your breath? Have you ever wished for an external oxygen aid at times when you fall short of it during one of your most dreamt athletic competitions or hiking expeditions? Well, that’s exactly what we will be discussing in this Boost Oxygen review. 

Boost Oxygen is a pure supplemental oxygen popular for so long. The supplement which was formed in 2007 claims to offer easy-to-use and completely recyclable canisters. It was able to keep up its popularity and fame ever since its formation and it made me curious to know more about it. So with this aim, I decided to conduct a thorough analysis of this formula and here it is.

Boost Oxygen Reviews: Does It Truly Support Breathing Support?

As we all know oxygen canisters are not a new invention. But, how does Boost Oxygen can keep up its fame for such a long time? To find it, I researched about it and collected information from genuine Boost Oxygen reviews, its official websites, and other reliable sources on the internet.

This review will contain all the information regarding this canned oxygen ranging from its use, benefits, working, advantages, and disadvantages to pricing, availability, return policy, and customer feedback. So, let us dive deeper into this Boost Oxygen review. Let us begin this review with a small overview table.

Boost Oxygen Review
Supplement nameBoost Oxygen
Supplement descriptionSupplemental canned oxygen
Benefits ▪️ Improve oxygen levels in higher altitudes
▪️ Helps during poor air quality
▪️ Improves the performance of athletes
▪️ Helps older adults with respiratory support
Pricing Pocket size: $8.99
Medium: $11.99
Large: $17.99
Consumer ReportsMostly positive
Return policyDefective or damaged supplements can be returned
Availability Available on the official website and in some retailers

What Is Boost Oxygen?

Boost Oxygen is a natural respiratory support that provides pure supplemental oxygen. Founded in 2007 by Rob Neuner, this supplement claims to help people on different occasions with its 95% pure oxygen supply. These oxygen cans can be bought without any prescription, making their purchase easy. Athletes can use Oxygen Boost for recovery and to improve their performance, older adults for respiratory support, people at higher altitudes for altitude acclimation, and those experiencing poor air quality. Designed as portable cans with inbuilt masks, these canned oxygen boosters are handy and easy to use.

Apart from natural oxygen, the Boost Oxygen breathing support formula also offers four aromatic flavors of oxygen. These aromatic flavors include peppermint, pink grapefruit, menthol eucalyptus, and rosemary. Along with providing immediate oxygen supplementation these aromatic flavors also claim to improve respiratory functions through aromatherapy. Different sizes and multiple packs of this supplement improve users’ convenience and comfort.

With quality test reports and manufacturing details, it seems legit at first glance. The Boost Oxygen official website also contains multiple third-party reviews and testimonials ensuring the quality of the supplement. The official website also features several studies that showcase the advantages of oxygen boosters. However, these claims need to be analyzed thoroughly before blindly trusting them. 

Benefits and Key Factors Of Boost Oxygen

In this section let us have a detailed analysis of the Boost Oxygen benefits.

  • Increase energy levels

This pure supplemental oxygen helps people to improve their energy levels. Being an oxygen supplementation, it helps people, especially athletes improve their energy levels. Inhaling Boost Oxygen after a heavy practice session or match will help them recover from the energy drain and improve their performance.

  • Provides respiratory support for older adults

Boost Oxygen formula can be used by older adults to get rid of lung or respiratory problems. This supplement will help them during breathing issues by increasing the oxygen concentration in the blood. 

  • Helps during trekking at higher altitudes

As we all know, the oxygen quantity decreases at higher altitudes. This can create breathing problems and a shortage of oxygen while trekking and hiking. Boost Oxygen respiratory support aid helps during such occasions. Inhaling three to five puffs of this supplement will help to increase the oxygen quantity in your body at higher altitudes.

  • Helps during poor air quality

Inhaling low-quality air can lead to serious respiratory problems. It may create sudden breathing troubles and breathlessness. Inhaling the Boost Oxygen breathing support formula during such situations will help to improve the quality and quantity of oxygen in the body.

How To Use Boost Oxygen?

Using oxygen canisters can be confusing for some during the initial days. However, Boost Oxygen is an easy-to-use pure oxygen canister with inbuilt masks and easily usable triggers.  According to the instructions available on the official website, this supplement can be easily used by following a few simple steps. The steps are described below:

  • As all the Boost Oxygen canisters come with seals to protect them from bacteria and dirt, the initial step is to remove this protective seal.
  • The next step is to place the mask of the canister under your nose. The mask should be placed covering your mouth and not your nose. It is important to not cover your nose with the mask.
  • The third step is to press the trigger down to initiate oxygen flow. Breathe Boost Oxygen deeply and hold it for 1 to 3 seconds each time you inhale it.
  • You may repeat it 3-5 times or as desired.

As the requirements of individuals change according to their conditions, no prescribed number of inhalations may help improve an individual’s condition. It varies depending on the health and user scenario. However, remember to not mask your nose while using the Boost Oxygen canister.

Who Is Boost Oxygen Designed For?

Although Boost Oxygen improves breathing and respiratory difficulties, it is not advised to use this supplement as a medication for all breathing problems. According to the manufacturers, this natural respiratory support can be used mainly by athletes. It helps them with performance and recovery. Along with it, it provides respiratory support for older adults. Moreover, this supplement can be used by people at higher altitudes to acclimatize to the region, and those experiencing poor air quality

As per the instructions provided by the Boost Oxygen manufacturers, it is not ideal for children under 18 years of age. However, as it is not a medication for treating any respiratory problems, I recommend consulting your healthcare provider before using it.

How Does Boost Oxygen Work?

Boost Oxygen respiratory support aid can be used by sportspersons, mountain climbers, older adults, and people living in places with pure air quality. As mentioned this supplement provides immediate relief to these people while facing a shortage of oxygen.

Using this supplemental oxygen at higher altitudes or by athletes after a performance will help increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, resulting in an enhancement in breathing. Ideally, 3-5 Boost Oxygen puffs will help users smoothen their breathing and reduce difficulties during breath shortage

Is Boost Oxygen Safe Or Just A Scam?

Although the supplement has highly positive customer feedback and certifications backing its manufacturing quality, a common question that popped up among people was whether Boost Oxygen works. So, to answer this question I conducted research ensuring its efficiency and legitimacy. According to my analysis, it seems to be a trustworthy oxygen support system.

The official website of the supplement contains most of the important information regarding its founder, manufacturing, and certifications. This supplemental oxygen was founded in 2007 by Rob Neuner, a former football player and avid current tennis player. The Boost Oxygen canisters also undergo annual testing by the Atlantic Analytical Laboratory (AAL) ensuring its safety and efficiency.

The official website of this supplement also publishes this oxygen analysis report, adding to the company’s transparency. However, it does not provide much information regarding the Boost Oxygen ingredients used to manufacture flavor oxygen, which is one of its drawbacks.

Are There Any Boost Oxygen Side Effects Reported?

It seems to be a safe supplement without any side effects. The customer feedback and reviews available on different internet platforms indicate that these oxygen cans work well to improve the oxygen concentration in the blood. Several Boost Oxygen reviews commented that it helped them during trekking at higher altitudes and during times of low air quality.

However, the flavored ones may develop allergies in sensitive people. Although there are no such Boost Oxygen side effects reported, it is advised to stay cautious of possible allergies and take necessary precautions against them.

Boost Oxygen Customer Reviews And Testimonials

I always give prime focus to customer reviews while analyzing a supplement because it helps to ensure whether the claims of the manufacturers are true or not. The same was done during the Boost Oxygen review as well. Much to my surprise the supplement had highly positive reviews.

Even though some customers were unhappy with the supplement and commented that they received empty cans, the majority were satisfied with Boost Oxygen. They shared that it helped them to trek at higher altitudes and during sports.

Now, let us go through some of the Boost Oxygen testimonials.

Boost Oxygen Customer Reviews
  • Michelle Madonna

Boost Oxygen is a life changer. I used to face breathing problems when hiking at higher altitudes. However, after using 2-3 pumps of this supplement, I could experience an instant result. I highly recommend Boost Oxygen.

  • Jay Rosette

Boost Oxygen formula has been my travel partner for a long time. Ever since I started using this supplement, I have not faced altitude sickness or breathing issues.

  • Jennifer Riley

I used to have breathing issues due to the poor air quality in my area. I often faced breath shortage which made things very difficult. To be honest, when I was first introduced to Boost Oxygen, I was skeptical of its efficiency. However, this supplement helped me get away with my breathing problem.

Alternative Options For Boost Oxygen

Before ensuring the worthiness of Boost Oxygen let us compare it with some of its competitors. A comparative analysis will help understand a supplement’s worth and efficiency better. So, I conducted a comparative analysis with two of its alternatives, Oxyzone and Oxygen Plus.

The comparative analysis suggested that all three supplements are worthwhile. However, let us analyze the data in detail to find out which is more efficient. 

Supplement Boost OxygenOXYZONE Oxygen Plus
Supplement descriptionCanned recreational oxygenCanned recreational oxygenCanned recreational oxygen
Possibility of side effectsNone None None 
Return policyDefective or damaged supplements can be returnedDefective or damaged supplements can be returned within 24 hoursReturns permitted in rare instances only
Pricing Pocket size: $8.99
Medium: $11.99
Large: $17.99
$6.67 per bottleO+ mini: $9.99
O+ skinny: $12.99
O+ Biggi: $19.99

As we analyze the table above, it is clear that Boost Oxygen is more worthwhile than its alternatives. Along with providing the supplement at an affordable price, it is more transparent and customer-friendly.

Does Boost Oxygen Offer A Refund?

Being an oxygen supplementation, the Boost Oxygen breathing support formula does not provide any money-back guarantee. However, the official website suggests that the company offers returns for damaged or defective orders. If you receive a defective supplement you can send it to the company at the contact address available on their official website.

The Boost Oxygen manufacturers ensure to provide a full refund if the case is genuine. You will receive a refund within 30 days of receipt.

Boost Oxygen Pros And Cons

So far we have discussed most of the benefits and efficiency of Boost Oxygen. Now, let us analyze the merits and demerits of this canned oxygen supplementation.


  • Helps athletes for recovery and performance
  • Make hiking at higher altitudes easier
  • Portable and handy cans
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Annually tested by AAL
  • Contains a built-in mask


  • May reduce the ability of an individual to acclimatize to higher altitudes
  • Cannot be used for children

When To Expect Boost Oxygen Results?

The formula claims to offer immediate results in all scenarios. According to the information on the official website, 3-5 puffs of the supplement will help users get rid of the breath shortage and breathing problems. The Boost Oxygen customer reviews also justify these claims. The reviews suggest that the supplement helped overcome breathing issues instantly.

Boost Oxygen Price And Availability

Before giving a final statement about it let us analyze the Boost Oxygen price details and availability. Although the supplement undergoes annual testing and quality manufacturing that costs a high amount, it is made available to the public at affordable prices.

One of the major attractions of Boost Oxygen is that it is available in three different sizes so that users can purchase it according to their requirements. The details of the packages and their prices are given below:

  • Pocket size (3L): $8.99
  • Medium (5L): $11.99
  • Large (10L): $17.99

The Boost Oxygen flavored cans are also available at the same price. Besides, it also has multiple packs of 4,6 and 12 cans with a one-time payment and monthly subscription offers.

Another major advantage of Boost Oxygen is its availability. Apart from the official website, it is also available on multiple websites and retailers. Some retailers of the supplement include,

  • Academy Sports Outdoors
  • Walmart
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Publix
  • Smith’s and many more

The official website also helps you find the retailers near you through the Store Locator option, which makes the Boost Oxygen purchase much easier.

Final Verdict And Recommendations: Boost Oxygen Reviews

After analyzing the major aspects of Boost Oxygen, I could conclude that it is a safe and effective natural oxygen supplement support. As it provides immediate relief, it is helpful on multiple occasions like improving the performance and recovery of athletes, helping to cope with altitude sickness, improving acclimatization, supporting older adults with respiratory aid, and helping during low air quality. This supplement is also easy-to-use as they are available in different sizes making it handy and comfortable. The annual testing and packaging of recyclable cans improve the quality of Boost Oxygen supplementation.

Besides maintaining good manufacturing quality, it is available at affordable prices making it convenient for the common people. Additionally, unlike other supplements, it is available on multiple websites and hundreds of retailers. The Boost Oxygen reviews of customers also ensure its safety and justify the claims of the manufacturers. So, it is a recommendable pure oxygen supplementation.

Boost Oxygen Reviews – Overall Score

Founded by Rob Neuner in 2007, Boost Oxygen delivers pure supplemental oxygen, providing natural respiratory support with its 95% oxygen content, claimed to be useful in numerous situations.

–Kendra Reed

Boost Oxygen
User Reports
Quality Standards


Taking into account a comprehensive evaluation of all the factors discussed in the Boost Oxygen review, it seems reliable and beneficial. The product has received the following ratings:



1. Is it mandatory to use the Boost Oxygen mask?

The built-in mask increases the comfort while using the supplement and directs the oxygen flow into your mouth. So, it is advised to use the mask while using Oxygen Boost.

2. Can I increase the oxygen flow while using the Boost Oxygen can for the first time?

Yes. You can adjust the initial flow by moving the trigger to the base of the mask.

3. Can I use Boost Oxygen to treat my asthma?

Boost Oxygen is not a medication. So, do not use it as a medication for respiratory problems.

4. Does Boost Oxygen offer free shipping?

Free shipping is available for multiple orders and Continental USA.

5. How can I contact the Boost Oxygen customer service team?

You can contact the customer service team at [email protected] or (877) 375-2500 • (203) 331-8100


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