Celebrity Secrets for a Beautiful Body

If you’ve been feeling your beauty pulse according to the perfect visage presented by celebrities during photo opportunities, relax-it’s all, or at least mostly, a façade. We’re not so much talking trick photography as we’re talking tricks of the trade. You can use them, too, if you want, but the main point here is that nobody’s perfect or has a perfect body. Not even J. Lo.

Extra Security

Take Queen Latifa, who has admitted to using special body-sculpting undergarments under those designer evening gowns. The Higher Power High Waisted Power Panty from Spanx is a particular favorite of plump stars, helping them conceal those bumps and bulges in the most comfortable way possible. Even really thin stars like wearing these for a bit of extra security.

As for the aforementioned J. Lo, if you were wondering how she held up that Versace dress with the plunging neckline that she wore to the Grammy Awards, it was tape-um hmmm, double-sided tape-which is one of the most famous of famous stars’ fashion secrets. Hollywood Fashion Tape costs seven bucks and is great stuff to carry around in your handbag and to have on hand at weddings and special events. You can use it to tape up a dragging hemline, hide your bra straps, keep that low neckline from wandering out of place and hold up your strapless shirt. Really amazing stuff! It’s invisible and very strong.

Some celebrities don’t buy the fancy tape online; super model Naomi Campbell, for instance, just uses surgical tape when she wants to get very full cleavage while going braless under a low-necked evening gown. This taping technique is called “up and in,” and if you try it at home, make sure you look at yourself in a two-way mirror to make sure the tape doesn’t wander into any visible area outside the boundaries of your outfit.

Body Sculpting without Surgery

Other body-sculpting products that celebrities use as practical solutions to fashion problems are Low Beams, which are used to cover nipples under the sheerest of sheer fabrics, and Cleavage Cupcakes, gel pads you can insert into your brassiere to give you an instant boob-lift. These are cheaper and easier than plastic surgery and a fashion stylist’s dream.

And if you were wondering how Lindsay Lohan manages her slim, jeans-covered silhouette, it’s not diet and exercise; it’s all due to her “Skinny jeans” from J Brand jeans. These jeans were designed to give a slender look that hugs a woman’s curves, without being uncomfortable or tight. The jeans have a very narrow leg opening and were created in consultation with Susie Crippen, stylist to the stars.

Hair and Skin

Now what about the hair and makeup? How do actors and models always manage to look picture perfect? There are a few little tricks you can put into your routine that will ensure a smooth, sleek, long-lasting finish to your makeup.

How about that hair? Most celebrities don’t want you to know this, but a whole bunch of them use hair extensions to get longer, thicker hair. So, if you’re trying to copy a great hairstyle from a star and it just isn’t happening, that’s probably why. You can try clip in extensions for the same effect. And, while we’re on hair, you’ve also probably noticed that models often have crazy, tousled hair, but one thing they don’t have is flyaways. A professional hairdresser to the stars suggests spraying some aerosol hairspray on a kabuki brush (don’t spray your hair directly) and lightly dust the hair around the part with the brush. Flyaways are smoothed like magic.

Baby soft skin seems to be a trademark of celebrities and that’s why they chug water like there’s no tomorrow. They also eat plenty of water-rich foods like fruits, veggies and clear soups. Lots of moisturizer and hydrating serums will give you the same glow. If you need to fake it ‘til you make it – try a highlighting product on your cheekbones, temples and brow bone.

Those mascara-ad lashes can be obtained one of two ways. Often the celebrities will use false lashes for a sashay down the red carpet. If you want a more natural look but maintain that high glamour, try using a fan brush. Just run the fan brush over the mascara brush and apply. The fan brush lets you get to the roots of the lashes and to each individual lash, producing thick and defined lashes.

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