Steps To Better Body Image

Unfortunately, in our media saturated world, too many women see unrealistic images of other women.  We are constantly bombarded, through television, movies and print media, with images of perfectly formed women.  Most women want to emulate these gorgeous ladies, and strive to be like them.  In doing so, they often find their own self image to be quite low, as they have an impossible time measuring up.

It is extremely important for women, today, to look to the right places to create a positive self image.  Even without having a fantastic figure, amazing clothing and the best boyfriend on their arms, women can achieve a strong self image and self confidence.  Here are some tips to help you to build your body image and your confidence.

Focus on the Positive

We all have certain areas of our bodies that we’d love to improve.  Whether you hate your hips, your breast or your stomach, there is always something that needs improvement.  Why focus on this?  Focus, instead, on the area of your body that you do like and do find attractive.  If it’s your eyes, then learn how to apply great eye make-up. If you have great legs, show them off in the skirts and shorts that you decide to wear.  Try to emphasize the positive and to focus on this area of your body when you think about yourself and evaluate your body image.

It’s Really About Health

While it’s hard to remember at times, our bodies are really there to support our health.  If you are able to focus on your body’s true purpose, you’ll find yourself gravitating towards emphasizing health, fitness and enjoyment.  Find foods that will nourish your body to give you energy and to help you through your day.  Select an exercise that you think you can actually stick to, and that you might even enjoy.  If you shift your understanding of your body and its purpose, it can go a long way towards a stronger body image.

Limit Your Exposure to Negativity

No one said that you had to watch that television show about the 5 adorable women who all live together and have perfect bodies.  No one said that you have to read those magazines about the rich and famous.  Try to surround yourself with images that will nurture you, and with people who will emphasize your positive qualities.  You don’t have to torture yourself with the negative images and the unhealthy obsessions that society feeds to you.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

People who focus on the positives in their lives have hard to keeping up negative body images.  Keep a journal with you where you write amazing things throughout the day that your body is able to do.  Were you able to walk 2 miles just now without any pain?  Did you just laugh at a great joke and not notice your lungs working?  Can you smile when you see something cute?  Practice creating a gratitude list that will help you to see the positives in your body.  Try, as well, to do activities that help you to be more in tune with the amazing things your body can do. This could include meditation, Pilates, Tai Chi and more.

Surround Yourself With Great People

Other people and their negative energy can certainly influence you. If you tend to have girlfriends who spend much of their time focused on their own negative self images, try to separate yourself from them or steer them towards more positive thoughts.  Find people who enjoy life and keep a healthy lifestyle.  Their positive energy will rub off on you and can make a big difference in your life.

Get Out Of Yourself

The more time that we have to focus on ourselves and on our own images, the more we will wallow in self pity.  When you are visiting an elderly person in an old age home, making a meal for a sick friend, or running a charity drive, you don’t have time to wallow in self pity.  This is a very important and productive way to move beyond a negative body image.  Get involved in social service activities that can take you away from your own body image and can help you to help others.

Your body image is not going to change overnight.  It can, however, change with time.  Invest in yourself and try some of these techniques to create a healthier, more positive body image for yourself.  You deserve it!

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