Enjoying The Benefits Of Menopause

Yes, a certain stage of your life closes when you experience menopause.  However, it’s important to realize that a certain stage of your life also opens. Many women find menopause to be very difficult emotionally.  They have moved beyond their child bearing years and feel that menopause is an indication that they are getting older.  There are many advantages to experiencing menopause, however, and to this new stage in your life.

Just a Stepping Stone

Most women experience menopause between the ages of 47 and 53.  Today, women are living a very long time, usually well into their 80s and sometimes into their 90s. Therefore, menopause can really be looked at as a half-way mark of sorts.  You still have many productive years to live, and ones that can focus on your needs, interests and desires.

The Benefits of Menopause

Most women find their monthly cycle to be a hassle at some point.  They may experience mood swings before the onset of their period, may have cramping and bloating, and may be inconvenienced by their cycle.  Once you experience menopause, you can say goodbye to these issues for good.  This gives you flexibility for traveling and for enjoying your time without worrying about your cycle.  Similarly, your period will no longer get in the way of your sex life.  You don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, and you don’t have to worry about planning your sex life around your cycle or your menstruation.  Many women report that they get closer to their spouse after menopause and that they can see this stage of their lives as one that focuses more on themselves.  Most women spend much of their lives worrying about others – about spouses, children, and more.  As you enter this stage and experience life after menopause, you can start to focus on yourself and your needs more.

Menopause and Symptoms

Throughout our lives, we experience changes in our bodies. These changes often come with various symptoms.  During puberty, your body undergoes many changes and you learn to adapt to these.  If you’ve ever been pregnant, then you know that your body deals with many changes during this time. While being pregnant is exciting, it can also create heartburn, discomfort, contractions, swollen feet, and more.  The same is true for menopause.  It’s important to recognize that you may have some uncomfortable symptoms while experiencing menopause.  These are all part of the process, and ones that are making you a stronger woman.  You are a woman who is changing, and who can embrace these changes that her body is experiencing.  If you can see this process as a healthy and normal one, you will be able to embrace your changing life and learn to see the positive elements of these changes.

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