Dressing for Your Body

Got a question about how to camouflage heavy hips? Feel freakishly tall? Find all the answers to dressing right for your body here.

Bottom Heavy

If you’re concerned about the size and shape of your hips and tummy, balance is the key word.

Balance out a fuller bottom with a voluminous, ruffled blouse to draw attention away from your bottom half. Avoid embroidery and large patterns for pants and skirts, and avoid pockets on pants and jeans to detract from a fuller bottom.

Monochromatic dressing is also a good idea. Sleek heels give the impression of a longer, leaner line. Knee length A-line skirts, as well as empire waist dresses, also help balance out a heavy bottom.

When it comes to pants, avoid narrow, tapered legs. Boot cut and flared pants look best. Use bold accessories such as necklaces to draw attention away from your trouble spots.

Top Heavy

The direct opposite of the bottom heavy figure, a top heavy figure poses its own special challenges.

V-neck sweaters and tops are most flattering as they open up the neck area. Avoid full or puffy sleeves. And make sure your bra is providing you with enough support.

Draw attention to your bottom half by wearing bold prints here, including pinstripes. Try a full, floral skirt.

Avoid bold necklaces or fussy earrings.


If you have a petite frame, avoid anything that is overwhelming to your shape.

Avoid large prints that can make you look even smaller.

For bottoms, stay away from jeans that have a large flare, as well as crop pants.

Tight clothing will make you look like a child who’s grown out of her sister’s hand-me-downs; wear clothes that fit your frame well to ensure you look your best.

Big accessories and wearing too many colors can also overpower your shape.

Try boot cut jeans or jeans with a small flare, jackets that hit at the waist and spaghetti strap dresses to show off your delicate shape.


If you’re a lanky lady, avoid vertical lines and patterns as they will only make you look taller.

Tiny accessories are not suitable to your shape; try larger handbags to complement your height.

Show off your long legs in pencil skirts; boot cut leg pants and jeans are best for your shape.

Hourglass Shape

Flatter your figure with clothes that show off your best feature: your tiny waist!

Wrap dresses and sweater dresses that cinch at the waist play up this feature. But make sure you avoid bulk or bold patterns that make you look larger than you really are.

You can even try one of the season’s hottest trends, a colorful belt, to emphasize your shape. Just make sure it sits at your natural waist and is not too overpowering.

For pants, try a boot cut to make you look leaner and longer.

Remember, clothing is supposed to be fun. So embrace your body, “flaws” and all and enjoy. Happy shopping!


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