Feeling Beautiful While Pregnant

While some people say that pregnant women glow, most pregnant women feel down about themselves at some point during their pregnancy.  It is not easy to gain 20, 30 or 40 pounds and to try to continue to feel sexy and beautiful with this extra weight.  Here are some tips for feeling beautiful during pregnancy and keeping that glow throughout the nine months.


By all means, stop trying to squeeze yourself into your regular clothes.  Your changing shape is a fantastic sign that there is a baby growing and developing inside of you.  It’s certainly nothing to feel embarrassed about or to want to hide.  You’ll need to buy a variety of clothes when you go the maternity store so that you can feel good throughout the pregnancy.  You don’t want to buy only huge clothes and feel dumpy during the six months when they don’t fit you.  Nor to you want to buy only the smaller sizes and have to squeeze into them at the end of the pregnancy.  Have fun selecting a diverse mix of clothes.  You might even want to take this opportunity to change your style and to try something fun and funky.  If you can’t afford new clothes, ask a few friends, whose clothing styles you enjoy, if you can borrow their clothes.  Have fun mixing and matching and trying on things that are new to you.

Kick Up Your Feet

During the pregnancy, treat yourself to a pedicure a few times.  This serves many purposes.  It forces you to put your feet up once in a while, and to take the stress off of your tired legs.  It’s also a great way to get a foot massage and to nurture your tired bones.  Finally, it looks great and continues to look great for weeks of enjoyment.  You can find a similar idea with a manicure, a massage, or any other method that will nurture you and help you to relax.

Take Care of Your Hair

During pregnancy, your hormones go through many chances.  One of these changes is that your hair is supposed to be stronger and to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.  Enjoy this opportunity to have fun styling your hair and to concentrate on it.  Ask your stylist for an easy haircut that you can maintain without too much effort, but that will look great on you.

Sleep And Enjoy

Creating a baby takes a great deal of effort.  Even when the baby is too small to feel or detect, your body is doing a lot of work to create this beautiful person.  Nurture yourself and allow yourself to sleep as much as you can.  This will help you to feel refreshed and to look your best during the nine months.

Watch Your Diet

Some women assume that pregnancy is a license to go crazy with food.  It is certainly possible to gain unwanted and extra pounds while pregnant – and you will have to lose it after the baby comes.  Try to stay as healthy with your eating and exercise as you can during the pregnancy.  Yes, you’ll need some extra calories.  But, those calories can come from fruits and vegetables – they don’t have to come from ice cream and shakes!  Make sure to drink at least eight cups of water a day, as well.

Keep Moving

Exercise is incredibly important for fitness and for your heart rate during the pregnancy.  You may feel a little awkward at first while exercising, but you’re doing a great thing for yourself and your baby. Get some exercise clothes that you will enjoy wearing and feel comfortable in.  Find a pregnancy yoga class or enjoy a walk each evening to watch the sunset.  Whatever you enjoy, do it at least three times a week and find an exercise program that allows you to nurture yourself and your body.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Most people around you are very excited for you and love to watch your belly growing.  At times, people will say inappropriate things or they may appear insensitive.  They are not the norm.  Focus on those who make you feel great during your pregnancy and who continue to tell you how beautiful you are.  The more positive your attitude is, the better you’ll feel about yourself and your process!

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