How to Really Be Beautiful No Matter Your Size

Even the most confident woman has days where a glimpse of cellulite gets her down on herself. And while we’ve all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, magazines and media make us wonder if every beholder prefers a stick-thin beauty with a bountiful bosom! You’re not alone if you’re not completely happy with your body, but you should know that most women have things about their bodies that they wish they could change—even the thin model-esque ones.

Working Out Your Insides

Something that many of us fail to remember when we’re depriving ourselves of chocolate or trying to run the fat off on the treadmill is that confidence plays a big role in how others see us. And whether you’re going to admit it or not, you’re likely wishing you had that ‘perfect’ body so that others would find you beautiful. But how do you expect anyone to see you as something that you don’t see yourself as?? The way you see and feel about yourself on the inside really does show on the outside and self-loathing is definitely not attractive.

The great and ever gorgeous Sophia Loren has said that sex appeal is half what you’ve got and half what people ‘think’ you’ve got and that couldn’t be more true. We’ve all seen women who were heavy or not the best dressed but on the arm of an attractive and dynamic man and wondered how that could be. In those cases it’s usually a matter of a woman who is busting with self confidence. If she feels beautiful and loves herself, it shows in the way she carries herself and that confidence is sexy to a man. Research has proven that men and women find confidence attractive. Now you just need to get yourself there.

It’s Okay to Fudge It

While ideally every woman should believe that she is beautiful it isn’t always easy to get there when you’ve spent years thinking that you’re not. So what’s a girl to do? Well, fake it! That’s right—pretend that you’re confident and one of those gorgeous women that you admire. It may sound silly but others will start to see you that way immediately and it won’t be long before your own mind catches up and starts to believe it and feel it too. Stop seeing your size as a nuisance or hindrance and dress it and love it the way you always tell yourself you would once you got thin. (We’ve all been there!)

Beauty really does come from the inside and it’s about time more women started to see that. Add to that some time to pamper yourself and do things that make you feel good along with taking care of yourself and you’ll be on the road to being the best woman you can be. Now that’s attractive!

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