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How Does This Back Pain Breakthrough Program Help To Treat Your Back Pain?

If you are someone struggling with back pain and do not know what to do about it, this Back Pain Breakthrough review is your answer. ...

by Dr. Alan Fran

How Does This Back Pain Breakthrough Program Help To Treat Your Back Pain?

If you are someone struggling with back pain and do not know what to do about it, this Back Pain Breakthrough review is your answer. Today, through this review I am going to detail the latest method that claims to address the root cause of chronic back pain and provide long-lasting relief. Before detailing further, let me give a quick introduction to me.

I am Dr Alan Fran, an orthopedist for the past few years. I specialize in all kinds of bone and joint pain cases and I have found many customers suffering from chronic cases of back pain. The long sitting hours at work which is so normal today have caused an increase in such cases.

Back Pain Breakthrough Reviews: Does This Program Improve Your Joint Flexibility And Mobility?

Back pain can create excruciating pain and steal all the joy and peace from your life. Currently, there are many methods such as chiropractic, physical therapy, medications, and even surgery suggested for relieving back pain. Recently, I came across a Back Pain Breakthrough program that claims to alleviate even the chronic cases of back pain out there. The program is developed by Dr Steve Young, a back pain specialist from Philadelphia.

It claims to relieve pain using a 30-second movement and targets the root cause of the pain. Back Pain Breakthrough uses the Targeted Spinal Release method that helps you to find relief from the root cause of pain. Many customers have claimed to have instant pain relief and immediate relaxation after using this method. Today, in this Back Pain Breakthrough review we will be examining the further aspects of the program. So without further ado, continue reading and find out everything about the Back Pain Breakthrough pain relief program!

Back Pain Breakthrough Review

Back Pain Breakthrough overview

Going further into the details, I found that Back Pain Breakthrough is a back pain relief program that helps you relieve your pain in the quickest way possible. This 30-second movement program has helped customers to solve their pain. I have collected some basic information on the program that can be seen in the table below:

Product NameBack Pain Breakthrough
DescriptionBack Pain Breakthrough is a digital program that is designed to provide back pain and sciatica pain relief through a method called tārgeted spinal release. 
FormDigital Product (Video&e-books)
Components6-Part Video MasterclassTargeted Spinal Release (The Manual)Accelerated Healing Technique
Benefits Instant relief from lower back pain and sciatica
Inflammation management
Perfect spinal alignment
Improved posture
Better flexibility and mobility
UsagePractice the movement daily
Availability Official Website

What is Back Pain Breakthrough?

As detailed above, Back Pain Breakthrough is a digital program created by Dr. Steve Young, a certified back pain expert. The program works based on identifying the root cause of back pain which is found to be nerve impingement caused by the iliacus muscles.

Back Pain Breakthrough online program uses a simple 5-minute process called ‘Targeted Spinal Release’ which helps you relieve even the chronic back pain. As per my understanding, this method is research-based and helps to release and straighten your tight iliacus muscles.

This in turn moves the vertebrae away from your spinal nerves, the main cause behind the excruciating pain. I have found that most customers claim instant back pain relief and improved energy and flexibility after practicing these methods. 

What causes back pain?

As per Dr. Steve’s finding, the root causes of back pain are nerve impingement and iliacus muscle. Your spinal cord is made of vertebrae, spinal discs, and the spinal nerve. However long exposure to unhealthy posture and sitting can lead this vertebra to push onto the spinal nerve.

And this is called nerve impingement. When vertebrae exert pressure on the spinal nerve, it leads to back pain. Another major cause of back pain is the iliacus muscles.

I found that it is a small muscle that connects your spine to your legs. Long-term sitting can cause your iliacus muscle to get very tight and as a result, it pulls your vertebrae to the spinal nerve causing back pain.

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How does it work?

I found that the Back Pain Breakthrough ebook works based on the Targeted Spinal Release method, a method that helps you to get long-term relief from nerve impingement and iliacus muscle dysfunction. This simple 5-minute process will help your vertebrae detach from spinal nerves and ease up your back function.

The methods in the Back Pain Breakthrough pain relief program can be practiced from the comfort of your home without any equipment. Targeted Spinal Release helps in releasing the tight muscles that pull your spine out of alignment. This as a result helps you keep your spinal alignment in perfect balance and relieves you from any possibility of back pain.

Back Pain Breakthrough benefits and key factors

Now in this section, let me detail some of the crucial benefits offered by a consistent practice of the Back Pain Breakthrough method. 

  • Immediate and long-lasting relief from chronic back pain and sciatica

As discussed above, one of the crucial benefits of following the methods in Back Pain Breakthrough program is that it helps you recover from chronic back pain. As the methods also help with the lower back and legs, they can alleviate the excruciating pain of sciatica as well.

  • Better spinal alignment and physical posture

So basically what the BPB method does is correct your spinal alignment and prevent the vertebrae from attaching to spinal nerves. This leads to correct posture and improved spinal alignment which then literally helps you to eliminate all kinds of body pain.

  • Improved flexibility and freedom of movement

Once chronic back pain relief is ensured, this leads to improved flexibility. So now the customers have claimed to have better freedom of movement as now they can walk, sit, stand and engage in any kind of physical activity easily.

  • Enhanced energy levels and increased athletic endurance

As the pain is alleviated from its root, now you start experiencing improved energy levels. The methods in Back Pain Breakthrough not only lift your back pain but also help you engage in physical activities without the fear of pain. This increases your athletic endurance and improves exercise performance.

About the creator

Being an orthopedist myself, I wanted to know the creator of the Back Pain Breakthrough program. I found that it was created by Dr. Steve Young, a top back pain expert from Philadelphia, United States. Dr. Steve has more than 20 years of experience in providing relief for even chronic back pain cases.

I found that he has studied with top biomechanics specialists from around the world and has worked with professional athletes. Being a holistic coach for mind, body, and spirit,  Dr Young has designed this Back Pain Breakthrough back pain relief program based on his expertise. He holds a degree in Kinesiology from Penn State and a master’s and research degree from Hahnemann University specializing in Physical Therapy. 

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What is included in it?

So I examined the whole package of Back Pain Breakthrough and found the components included in it. Here is what is inside the program for you.

👉 The 6-Part Video Masterclass

  1. The methods to perform Targeted Spinal Release with detailed and step-by-step instructions.
  2. Live demonstration of the method by Marie from Dr. Steve’s team through live on camera.
  3. One simple movement that you can do every morning to align your spines and alleviate back pain.
  4. One easy tweak to do to your office chair that will correct your posture and prevent back pain.
  5. An additional technique-Back-Pain Extinguisher-that can be used any time when your pain comes back.
  6. Sciatica Soother- a 30-second movement that provides long-lasting relief from sciatic pain.

👉 Targeted Spinal Release: The Manual

  1. An additional movement that stops the pain relieves pressure from the spine and makes you 10 years younger
  2. Number one technique to extend your spine before you fall asleep– This helps you sleep better.
  3. Simple Bracing Strategy-Helps you protect your spine from damage during quick and sudden movement.
  4. Step-by-step instructions to Targeted Spinal Release method- with detailed pictures, you will get a quick and clear understanding of how to do it.

👉 Accelerated Healing Techniques

  1. Customized spinal release techniques
  2. Effective and closely guarded secret to get out of back pain
  3. Methods to heal your body from medication side effects
  4. Ways to recover gut health and inflammation from medicinal side effects
  5. One Inch Fix to the spinal cord- that puts your posture in perfect alignment
  6. Anti-aging and anti-inflammation solution by Dr. Steve- You can make it from the ingredients in your kitchen.

Back Pain Breakthrough side effects

Being an orthopedist, I was curious to know whether the Back Pain Breakthrough program causes any side effects or not. I did a thorough background check on the program and found that there are no considerable issues caused by it.

According to the Back Pain Breakthrough manufacturers, the program is doctor-formulated and based on research from esteemed academic and medical institutions. It follows the methods prescribed by research and works accordingly. They also claim the program to be simple and can be practiced without the need for any equipment or extra physical effort.

I checked the Back Pain Breakthrough reviews from the customers as well and most of them claim no issues from it. But still, a minority of customers have complained that the program is a waste of time and not working at all. Apart from that, the rest of the customers are satisfied with the program quality and they confirm it is free from side effects.

Back Pain Breakthrough price and availability

So on examining its availability, I realized that this program can only be accessed through the Back Pain Breakthrough official website. The makers have made it clear that it can’t be accessed through any other channels.

As the Back Pain Breakthrough back pain relief program had much demand in the market, there can be imitator programs available. There are reports of falling into such traps so make sure not to purchase the program through any other means. 

One thing I could learn was that the manufacturers offer this program at reasonable prices. Compared to other back pain relief methods available, the price of the program is low and cost-effective. So here is how the Back Pain Breakthrough pricing of the program works.

  • Spinal Release Video Series Only- $37
  • Complete Program-Instant Digital Access on any Device- $37+ free shipping
  • Most Popular- Physical Package- Physical Copies+ Instant Access to Digital Links- $49.95+ shipping&handling

Click Here To Order Back Pain Breakthrough From Official Website

Back Pain Breakthrough customer reviews

There are multiple Back Pain Breakthrough customer reviews online and most of them claim positive results from the program. The customers range from various age groups spanning from 30-80 and belong to both genders.

Most of them claim the program to be efficient in relieving back pain and sciatica. They also opine of having regained their flexibility and freedom of movement after following those methods. A few of the customers have complained the method is causing slight discomfort in the discs and not functioning properly. Anyway, I have compiled some of the Back Pain Breakthrough customer testimonials for your reference.

“ After having back pain for years, I had somehow started to accept pain as my new reality. But when my friend suggested I try Back Pain Breakthrough, I was not at all okay. Yet, I decided to give it a try and it was unbelievable! With a simple movement, I regained my freedom! My back pain was gone within minutes! Now whenever a slight pain appears on my back, I try this movement! Thanks, Dr. Steve” Billy Joe

“ Having to sit longer hours at the office, I had developed chronic back pain and sciatica. Tried many supplements and methods, but nothing worked. My fitness trainer recommended a Back Pain Breakthrough. After practicing some movements in it, now I have recovered almost 80%. Thanks”James Robert

“ I started trying the methods in Back Pain Breakthrough after having chronic back pain. Tried the methods every day for a month. I see no changes. I won’t recommend this program to anyone!”Lisa Marie

How to use Back Pain Breakthrough?

I have found the use of the methods prescribed in the Back Pain Breakthrough online program to be easy and simple to follow. All you have to do is to dedicate at least five minutes of a day to practice the movements. You don’t need any extra equipment or space to practice it as it can be done within the comfort of your own home.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Back Pain Breakthrough video guide and practice them accordingly. To get better results, you need to practice the movement regularly. Within 30 days, the results will start to appear. 

Pros and cons Back Pain Breakthrough program

As part of my investigation, I examined both the positives as well as negatives of the Back Pain Breakthrough program. I found that compared to many other back pain relief methods, this program has fewer negatives than positives. You will get a glimpse of the pros and cons of BPB below.


  • Doctor-formulated and research-backed. 
  • Cheaper and cost-effective than surgery, physical therapy, and chiropractic care
  • Immediate and long-lasting pain relief.
  • Safe for all ages above 18 and fitness levels
  • This can be done at home with zero equipment
  • Step-by-step methods and easy-to-follow guide
  • Live demonstration of methods


  • Might not work for everyone
  • Slight discomfort is possible
  • Only accessible from the official website
  • Not ideal for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

Check The Availability Of Back Pain Breakthrough From Its Official Website

How long does Back Pain Breakthrough take to show results?

One of the crucial questions that get asked about the Back Pain Breakthrough pain relief DVD program is how long it takes to work. According to the company, if you practice the method regularly every 7 days in the week, you will start seeing benefits within 30 days itself.

As an orthopedist, I should say that even if that is the case, individual results might vary depending on various factors such as age, gender, and physique. I examined Back Pain Breakthrough customer reviews and found most of them claimed benefits within the first and second months. So it is necessary to regularly commit to the methods for at least 2-3 months to see results.  

Back Pain Breakthrough bonuses and money-back guarantee

I learned that with every purchase you make, Dr.Steve is ready to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. This guarantee sustains a 60-day validity period that starts from the date of your purchase.

So in an unlikely scenario where you are not seeing any improvements with your back pain or sciatica, contact Back Pain Breakthrough customer service immediately and claim your money back. The process is tailored in a customer-friendly way that helps you get a refund most simply and quickly as possible. 

Back Pain Breakthrough Reviews: Final verdict and recommendations

A detailed examination of the concepts mentioned in this Back Pain Breakthrough review suggests the digital program is efficient in treating chronic back pain from its root. The program was created by Dr Steve Young, a top back pain expert from Philadelphia, United States.

Back Pain Breakthrough pain relief program uses a simple, 30-second movement that can correct spinal alignment and treat back pain. It works by addressing the root cause of pain which is nerve impingement and iliacus muscle dysfunction.

Back Pain Breakthrough is available as video and ebook guides that provide step-by-step instructions to relieve pain from its roots. There are no negative issues attributed to the program and it’s available only through the official website.

However, it should be noted that this Back Pain Breakthrough program is not a cure for treating any medical conditions. So people with existing medical issues need to consult their doctor before starting such programs. Individual results might vary depending on certain factors. In case of any harmful effects, stop the procedures and consult a doctor immediately. 

Back Pain Breakthrough Is Available On The Official Website With A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Click Here To Order!


Q. Does the Back Pain Breakthrough method work?

Yes. Most customers have claimed positive results from following the methods prescribed in the program. 

Q. Can people with arthritis use these methods?

If you have any medical conditions, consult a doctor before applying the methods in the BPB program.

Q.  Can busy professionals practice the methods in the program?

Yes. You only need to dedicate 10 minutes per day to practice the methods in the program.

Q. What if the program doesn’t work for me?

No worries. You can claim a refund within 60 days of purchasing the program.

Q. Do I need to have any specific software to work the program on my computer or phone?

No. You don’t need any special software or anything to install the program.

Q. Do I need any equipment to practice the movements?

No. There is no equipment needed to practice the movements prescribed in the program. 


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