Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Fact

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Some aphrodisiacs are just common sense, some are medical advances, and some are just silly and not worthy of our attention. Want to know more? Here’s the low-down:

It’s Free

Respect-Nothing breeds arousal more than showing respect for your partner and working to understand his or her needs, and guess what? It’s free.

A great body-Erectile dysfunction (ED) is more often found in those who are out of shape. About a quarter of those with erectile dysfunction watch television three or more hours a day. Those in good shape also tend to report greater self-confidence, which may be an aid to better erections.

Psychotherapy-People suffering from depression or other psychological disorders often complain of a lack of libido. Psychotherapy may restore libido.

Viagra-While Viagra can’t work without some degree of sexual arousal, the drug is a proven confidence and erection builder. There are some side effects, but men don’t seem to mind too much. Too bad it’s so pricey.  It is also worth looking into some of the natural forms of viagra on the market today.

Herbs– Yohimbe, Tribulus, and Maca, are among several traditional drugs used as aphrodisiacs, but the herbs aren’t yet regulated and high doses can kill you–not the kind of stiffness that most men desire. Researchers are trying to isolate the chemical properties of the herbs for use as a reliable treatment for ED.

Foods-Food stuffs such as oysters, bananas, asparagus, carrots, and avocados have long been considered as aphrodisiacs based on their resemblance to sexual organs. The Romans prized the aphrodisiacal properties of oysters and they may have been on the right track; oysters, along with another traditional aphrodisiac; pine nuts, have high amounts of zinc, essential for sperm production. Raw oysters contain lots of D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate, both of which may increase testosterone which may, in turn, increase libido.

I Fe-eel Good

Chocolate-chocolate is not an aphrodisiac, but it contains both phenylethylamine and serotonin, chemicals that arouse the pleasure areas of the brain. That means that like sex, chocolate makes you feel good.

Alcohol-While alcohol can lower inhibitions, it can also cause erectile dysfunction. A few drinks may loosen you up, but they may hinder more than they help.

Spanish Fly-Spanish Fly is a dangerous toxin made from ground European blister beetles and contains cantharidin, a caustic juice that causes irritation in the urinary tract when excreted. The accompanying burning and swelling have been misconstrued as sexual arousal. Make sure your date doesn’t try to slip it into your drink, the usual method of ingestion.

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