Beauty & Health: Plastic Surgery Alternatives & Anti Aging Products

Plastic surgery is a costly beauty treatment and may not be the best solution for you, if you’re looking to enhance you’re natural beauty without looking to go under the knife. But, don’t fret. A variety of plastic surgery alternatives and anti-aging products are available at reasonable prices to you that will bring astonishing results. Fading the flaws left by aging. According to Dr. Pat Wexler, one of the country’s renowned dermatologists, you can achieve a younger and healthy looking appearance without the need of a facelift.

Before jumping into a pool of natural ingredients and grabbing you’re alternative skin remedy, you need to determine the affects aging has on your skin. In other words, are you a sinker of a sagger?

Sinkers are individuals who notice a difference in their facial appearance in their 20s. They tend to develop crows feet thin lines branching from the corners of the eyes and thin lines around their lips and on their cheeks. Saggers are individuals who will notice fat pads emerging under the eyes, their brow line lowering, and their jaw line appears more squared. In general saggers experience a drift of fat downwards.

Is it better to be a sagger or a sinker? According to Dr. Wexler, if you’re a sinker you can enhance your sunken looking cheeks by injecting fat taken from your upper leg into your face. This will give you a fuller and healthier appearance.

However, if you’re looking for more gentle and less invasive procedure, regardless of whether you’re a sinker of sagger, you should start with the “miracle” anti-aging cream…sunscreen.

Yup, that’s right ladies, start applying on the sunscreen all year around. Look for the miraculous new ingredient, Parsol, that protects your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays that rapidly causes you’re skin to age and wrinkle while increasing your risk of skin cancer. Dr. Wexler advises a minimum of SPF 30 if you’re planning to spend time outdoors. If you don’t like the greasy feeling left after applying regular sunscreen try using a moisturizer with SPF protection.

Other Treatments

Thermolift or ThermaCool:This fairly new targeted energy treatment uses infrared light and/or radiofrequency waves to tighten and lift sagging skin and soften out winkles by massaging the deep layers of the skin. This procedure typically takes an hour to complete and may cause some redness by has no adverse side effects.

Cost: $1,500 to $3,000

Muscle Relaxer (Botox): Botox injections work well at temporarily reducing wrinkles, tightening necklines and upper lids. The injections block the chemicals that cause the muscle to contract. Since the muscles are temporarily paralyzed, the skin appears smoother and younger looking. How effective this anti-aging procedure will be for you, depends on the depth of your wrinkles and your skin type. However, too much Botox can leave a frozen and inexpressive expression on your face.

Cost: $300 to $600

Skin care creams: Skin care creams can be a good option for those looking to spend less. You can help improve your appearance, perhaps not dramatically, but marginally by using anti-aging skin care products. For smoothing the creases near your eyes apply an active eye cream that contain anti aging ingredients such as vitamin C, E, or B5, peptides or other antioxidants such as Coenzyme Q10. For other wrinkles around your lips and on your cheeks apply active creams with similar anti-aging ingredients.

Costs: $10 to $150

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