Pregnancy Crisis: Benefits of Adoption

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, many women become overwhelmed by the prospect of becoming a parent. For some, these types of feelings can lead to the decision to terminate the pregnancy (abortion). For others, it can lead to severe anxiety and stress over how they will cope with impending parenthood.

In these types of situations, adoption may provide a solution. Indeed, adoption provides the birth mother with the opportunity to continue bettering herself for the future, while also providing her child with loving parents who are financially and emotionally prepared for the responsibility.

Benefits for the Mother, Child, and Adoptive Parents

For some expectant mothers, adoption is the ideal way to resolve the dilemma of, on the one hand, wanting to provide her child with a good life, while on the other, acknowledging the fact that they are either not in a place financially or emotionally to be able to do so.

In fact, studies have shown that among unmarried women faced with an unplanned pregnancy, those that choose adoption (rather than parenting) are more likely to finish school, pursue higher education, and are also less likely to live in poverty and receive social assistance.

Other benefits of adoption include:

  • being able to pursue goals and aspirations
  • financial assistance, including all prenatal, delivery, and legal expenses
  • choice of adoptive parents you would like for your child, as well as what type of interaction you would like with them in the future
  • knowing your child will be well cared for
  • knowing you’re giving a couple the opportunity to fulfill their dream of starting a family

Choosing adoption means also giving your child the opportunity for a better education, and more importantly, a loving family environment that will nurture him or her for future sucesss.

Questions to Consider Before Choosing Adoption

While many mothers who choose adoption for their child report feeling at peace with their decision, it is important to keep the following questions in mind when considering whether or not adoption is right for you:

  • Have I given myself enough time to consider all aspects of this decision (or am I making it impulsively)?
  • Is the information I’m basing my decision on reliable, or is it from a movie, TV show, or other media sources?
  • Is this decision being made based on my needs and interests, or am I doing it for someone else?
  • Is my decision also based on what is in the best interest of my child?

Once you are comfortable with the answers to these questions, you will know you are making the right decision.

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